TOEFL Fees Structure

How Much Can TOEFL Test Taking and Preparation Cost You?

This test is your passport to study in an English-speaking country. It evaluates your ability to use and understand the English language in the educational environment. Before you plan to take the test, you must know how much the test taking and preparation might cost you. This article describes about the test fee and the preparation costs.

How Much Does the TOEFL Test Cost?

The fee or the Registration fee varies for different countries and test locations. Generally, the test fee ranges from US$160 to US$250. Apart from the registration fee, you may have to pay an additional fee if you do not register on time or if you request for an additional score report, re-scoring or rescheduling.

You have to pay an additional amount of US$35 in case you register for the test after the deadline. If you are rescheduling your test date, you will have to pay an additional fee of US$60. If you request for reinstatement of your scores that you have canceled, you have to pay an additional fee of US$20. The fee you have to pay for requesting an additional score report is US$17. You have to pay a fee of US$60 for re-scoring either the Speaking or Writing Section of the test, and a fee of US$120 for re-scoring both the sections. You have to pay a fine of US$20 if your personal check through which you pay the registration fee is returned. You can refer to the ETS website: to know about the current test fee and other associated fees.

The test fee or the registration fee includes the fee for taking the exam, issuing one score report for you and issuing four official score reports to the destinations of your choice. The additional fee is required only in case of the following situations:

  • If you have not registered for the test before the deadline.
  • If you want to reschedule the selected test date or test location.
  • If you order for additional score reports.
  • If you request for re-scoring the Speaking and/or Writing tests.
  • If the personal check issued by you is returned.

The money you spend on taking some useful preparation courses, test materials, books and e-guides can be considered as the cost for test preparation. The preparation cost depends on the course and/or the study materials you choose. The comprehensive preparation e-book The Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test, Third Edition, available at the ETS website, costs about $29.95. The Value Packs available at the website can help you save 20% to 35% of the amount that you may spend for buying different study materials for complete preparation. The Barron's How to Prepare for the TOEFL Essay costs about US $34.99. The Kaplan TOEFL iBT with CD-ROM costs about US $36. The Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test: Book with CD-ROM and Audio CDs Pack costs about US $41. The Delta's Key to the Next Generation TOEFL Test with CD costs about $59.95. The e-versions of most of these and other books can be downloaded free of cost.

Tips to Reduce the TOEFL cost

You cannot avoid the registration fee. However, you can avoid the additional test fees. The following tips will be useful to reduce the test cost:

  • Apply for a Fee Reduction

    You can apply for a fee reduction through the Fee Reduction Service ( and/or the TOEFL® Scholarship Program ( of the ETS. You will get the fee reduced if you are able to prove your eligibility.

  • Avoid the Additional TOEFL Costs
    • Register for the test as early as possible before the deadline in order to avoid the late registration fee.
    • When registering, carefully choose the test date and test center that suits you the best in terms of all aspects in order to avoid the rescheduling fee.
    • Prepare for the test through self-study plan using good quality study materials that are free of cost. You can even get the study materials and books from your friends or relatives who have already appeared for the test. In this manner, you can save the money required for joining an expensive course and save the money required for buying expensive preparation materials. You can also download the free online materials and the practice tests from one or more reliable websites.
  • Avail the Cost Saving Offer When Registering for the TOEFL Test

    You can also order the TOEFL Value Pack Premium when you register for the TOEFL iBT test. The TOEFL Value Pack Premium comprises the preparation materials and eight additional score reports. It also includes a $35 discount off for a future TOEFL iBT registration.

  • Cancel your TOEFL Registration Before the Deadline to Get Fee Refund

    If you want to cancel your registration for any reason, you have to cancel it at least three days before the deadline in order to get a refund of half the original test fee.

The information given in this article should give you a brief idea of how much the test taking and preparation can cost you and the methods using which you can reduce the comprehensive cost for the exam.