TOEFL Test Dates

How to Select TOEFL Test Dates

An Introduction to TOEFL Test Dates

TOEFL is one of the most popular competitive tests. It is offered across 130 countries and is widely accepted by most of the higher educational institutes all around the world. TOEFL is available in two formats as computer-based (TOEFL iBT) and paper-based (TOEFL PBT) tests. The paper-based test is an older version of TOEFL; however, it has not been completely scrapped as it is taken in places where the computer-based tests are not available. TOEFL is administered in authorized test centers all around the world. TOEFL iBT is offered almost 30-40 times in a year whereas, TOEFL PBT is offered around 6 times in a year.

How to Select TOEFL Test Dates

Although it is safe to take TOEFL whenever you are ready and fully prepared to take the test, there are some points that you need to consider before you register and select the date for taking the TOEFL.

  • Both TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT have different test dates. To refer to the test dates for TOEFL iBT use the following link; For the test dates of TOEFL PBT refer to the link:

  • You need to be sure about the test center that you are about to choose, this is because selecting your test center will determine whether you are going to take a computer-based test or a paper-based test. All this depends on whether the date from among the TOEFL test dates selected by you is available or not. Remember that seats fill up very fast in popular testing centers making the TOEFL test date of your choice unavailable to you.

  • Remember the validity of your scores is only for two years; hence, you should choose your TOEFL test dates accordingly. Most of the students begin their preparation for TOEFL right from their high school years and plunge into taking the exam. This route is advisable only if you have solved ample number of practice papers, mock tests etc and have raised your score band in these tests considerably. The months between August to November would be a good time to take the TOEFL since you would want to apply to college by January to April. Choose an appropriate TOEFL test datewell in advance before you plunge into registering yourself.

  • If you are going to take time off to prepare for the TOEFL after your high school, October/November will be an ideal time for you to take the TOEFL. This is because, to take the TOEFL in October/November you will need to begin preparing for the test by August and, once you are thorough, you will have time to register for the exam by September. Most colleges begin their admissions by March. The October/November TOEFL test dates should have you well prepared for college, since by December you should have received your TOEFL scores too.

  • Note that some colleges do wait for your TOEFL scores if the results are awaited, in this case you need to submit a proof that you have taken the exam. However, most colleges do not show such leniency; hence, it is better to plan ahead when it comes to taking the TOEFL, or your admission process could be considerably delayed.

  • It is a good option to consult your teachers in school to guide you with choosing your TOEFL test dates. An expert advice is always helpful.

Although the best time to take the TOEFL has been earmarked, it is best to avoid any delays and take the TOEFL as soon as possible. This is to avoid unprecedented delays in registration processes, especially because taking the TOEFL has been made mandatory by almost all centers of higher education around the world. Planning ahead and avoiding delay is the only way to ensure quick receipt of scores and sure admission into the college of your choice.

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