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Registration TOEFL Testing Dates

The registration for TOEFL testing dates can be done online, through mail, by fax, on telephone or in person. The student will not be allotted any TOEFL testing dates until and unless he doesn’t get the registration done.

The student who wants to go in for online registration for TOEFL testing dates can get himself registered at any time and on any date. The payment for the online TOEFL test date registration will be accepted only through debit or credit cards. E-banking can be used if the student is making the payment for TOEFL testing dates through Internet. Post-dated cheque's will not be accepted, so the student should avoid making payment through post-dated cheque's

The PBT TOEFL test date fee excludes the PBT test fee, the fee for re scoring of answer sheet, the fee for getting the essay re scored. The student will have to pay the TOEFL test date fee if his personal cheque is returned back. The students who are undergoing a financial crunch can appeal for the fee reduction service.

TOEFL Test Scores

The iBT TOEFL test score for each of the four sections is 30 and the total score of all the four sections is 120. The TOEFL test date score holds a validity of two years. The student will have to again appear for the TOEFL test if he doesn’t make use of his TOEFL test scores within the time span of two years.

Guidelines For TOEFL Testing Dates

The request for change in the schedule of TOEFL testing dates at the last moment will not be entertained. This will be taken into consideration only if the student is unable to appear for the test due to some unavoidable circumstances. The student’s relatives or friends will not be accommodated in the TOEFL test center, nor will they be allowed to contact the student during the TOEFL test.

On the TOEFL testing dates, the student will be asked to fill up and sign some important documents at the TOEFL test center, without which the student will not be allowed to sit for the test. The student’s photograph will be clicked so that it can be used on his TOEFL test center and TOEFL test score reports. He will be provided with a number of blank sheets to be used on the TOEFL testing date to attempt the test. The student must return back the sheets given to him at the end to the TOEFL test administrator.

If during the test, the student starts facing any sort of a problem with the computer, he can then ask for help.

Verification For TOEFL Testing Dates

On the TOEFL testing dates the student must bring along his documents for verification. These documents will be checked and only then the student will be allowed to enter the TOEFL test center. The student will not be allowed to carry any kind of personal belongings inside the TOEFL testing date venue. He will not be allowed to access his personal belongings during the break time. In case the student brings along his personal belongings, he will have to get them deposited with the TOEFL testing date center staff.

TOEFL testing dates are allotted according to the student’s choice, but if he is unable to get a TOEFL testing date of his choice, then he can ask for another date. If the students want to get their TOEFL testing dates rescheduled, then they will have to consult the authorities.

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