TOEFL Test Dates Guide

A student can opt for one date amongst the scheduled TOEFL test dates in the province in which he is living. In case he is unable to get the required TOEFL test date and center of his choice in that province, then he can ask for a TOEFL test date and center in some other state which is near to his place of living. A number of web sites are available which keep the student updated with the TOEFL test dates for which he can apply.

The main purpose behind conducting the TOEFL test is to check a foreign student’s capacity to read, write, listen and speak in American English. TOEFL test dates are available in all the leading cities across America and Canada. Also TOEFL test dates are available in a large number of international testing centers. The TOEFL test is a medium through which a student can gain admission into the college or university of his choice. The TOEFL test can be taken by the candidate in two different formats i.e. iBT and PBT.

By Whom Should TOEFL Test Be Taken

A student who doesn’t make use of native American English, but wants to apply for admission in Canada or America should apply for testing on any on the TOEFL test dates so that the student gets an opportunity to prove his proficiency in the English language. More than 6000 colleges and universities recognize the TOEFL test scores across 110 countries.

TOEFL Test Sections

The TOEFL test basically checks the student’s reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. The material of the TOEFL test is authentic and the language used is as simple as is used on a daily basis. The TOEFL test sections are four in number:

  1. Reading TOEFL Test:
  2. The Reading TOEFL test is conducted to check the student’s understanding of academic texts. The time duration to complete the test is 60 to 100 minutes. The number of questions that the student will have to attempt can range from 36 to 70.

  3. Listening TOEFL Test:
  4. The Listening TOEFL test is of 60 to 90 minutes. The questions that follow the listening can vary from 34 to 51. The test is conducted to test the student’s ability to understand the English used in colleges and universities.

  5. Speaking TOEFL Test:
  6. The Speaking TOEFL test is carried on to test the student’s ability to converse in English. The speaking TOEFL test is of 20 minutes. The test material may contain tasks in which the student will have to read a passage or listen to a short conversation. Then he will have to explain all the given ideas. It is made up of the relevant information and explains all the given ideas. It is made up of 6 tasks.

  7. Writing TOEFL Test:
  8. The student will be asked to write an essay on a given topic. The other task will require the student to read the passage and he will be presented with a lecture. The student will have to answer the questions by correlating the important points of both the lecture as well as of the passage. The writing test is of 50 minutes and consists of two tasks.

TOEFL Test Date Fee

Testing on the TOEFL test dates can be done for a specific amount of fees. the fee can be changed without any prior notice. The payment for the selected date amongst the TOEFL test dates should be made in one go. It should be paid at the regional registration center for TOEFL test. The student must put correct signatures. The TOEFL test date fee can be paid through e-banking or through debit or credit cards if the student is making the payment through Internet. Post-dated cheque's will not be accepted, so the student should avoid making payment through post-dated cheque's

The iBT TOEFL test date fee excludes the late fee for registration, TOEFL rescheduling fee, the reinstatement fee for the iBT score that have been cancelled. The iBT TOEFL test date fee also excludes the fee for the request of additional score reports, re scoring for the speaking and writing sections. The student will have to pay extra for all of the above. The student will also have to pay for the personal cheque's that have not been accepted.

The PBT TOEFL test date fee includes in it the PBT test fee. There is extra fee for answer sheet re scoring and for getting the essay re scored. The student will have to pay the fee if his personal cheque is returned back.

A student who is undergoing a financial crunch can appeal for the fee reduction service.

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