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7 Things to Consider When You Select a TOEFL Test Center

Faring well in the TOEFL not only depends on preparation but also on the test center that you select. Candidates often leave registration and, hence selection of a convenient test center to the last moment. Thus, to avoid any problem, select a TOEFL test center as early as you can. Moreover, early registration often works as an impetus, spurring candidates to prepare quickly as well as properly for the examination. But, before you select a TOEFL test center ensure that they have the following characteristics.

Things to Consider While Selecting a TOEFL Test Center

A common feature that all test centers should have is that they should be located in a quiet neighborhood so that you are not disturbed during the examination. Some points that you should take into account while selecting a TOEFL test center are as follows:

  1. Selection of the test center will depend upon the version of TOEFL you are appearing for. In other words, based on whether you are appearing for iBT or the PBT version of TOEFL your test locations will change. Since the PBT version is offered only in places that do not have access to the internet, you will have to select a test location accordingly.

  2. The iBT version of TOEFL is held 30 to 40 times in a year in convenient locations. Thus, it will not be difficult to select a test center that meets most of your requirements. The iBT version of TOEFL is held in schools or colleges, while sometimes in business centers. Hence, if you wish to appear for the examination in an educational institute (as this will ensure that the neighborhood is quiet) then you should adjust your test date and select a test location accordingly.

  3. While selecting a TOEFL test center try and choose a 'prometric' one. 'Prometric' test centers are the authentic testing locations for any examination. Moreover, such a center is always equipped with all the facilities that a TOEFL test center should have.

  4. If you require some special provision on the examination day (due to some physical disability and require special accommodation like a reader or an enlarged screen) then you will have to inform about that to ETS while registering for the examination. You will then have to select a test center accordingly ensuring that the testing location can provide the required facilities.

  5. On the day of the examination you will have to arrive at the TOEFL test center that you have chosen at least 30 minutes before commencing of the examination. This buffer time will provide you with sufficient time to complete administrative work, like signing a confidentiality paper or getting your picture taken for identification purposes and also to talk with the test center administrator to clarify any doubts that you have. So when you select a TOEFL test center ensure that it is close to your residence so that you can arrive on time for the examination.

  6. Since there is no way that you can understand the condition of the examination hall by checking out the premises, it would be good idea to read reviews online of candidates who have already appeared for TOEFL in that particular TOEFL location. Based on how many positive reviews you read on the particular test center you should select your test location.

  7. Although ETS clearly warns candidates that they are responsible for their personal belongings, yet some test centers often provide storage facilities like lockers to candidates to keep their belongings. If you require any such facility then you should talk to the authorities of the TOEFL test center that you have selected and clarify your doubts. Such facilities are always welcome since you need to take the examination with a comfortable mindset and not worry about your personal belongings while taking the test.

All TOEFL test centers have highly trained test center administrators to help you take the examination comfortably. To help you select a convenient TOEFL test location, some testing centers are given in the following section.

Select a TOEFL Test Location

TOEFL is held in nearly 4500 locations in 165 countries all over the world. As you can see that there are a large number of test locations for TOEFL and if you require a complete list then click on the following link:

Based on the data provided in this website, you will be able to select a convenient test location. The TOEFL test center that you select must meet most of your requirements. Success in an examination depends upon the atmosphere and environment that you are taking the examination in. You need to be undisturbed while taking the test. So do some research before you select a test center. Then select a suitable center and register for the examination as soon as you begin your preparation for the test.

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