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TOEFL Test Information about iBT format

Reading - The time duration for the reading section is 60-100 minutes. There are 3-5 passages with approximately 12-14 questions for each passage.

Listening - The time duration for the listening section is 60-90 minutes. There are 4-6 lectures and academic sessions with approximately 6 questions each and 2-3 conversations with approximately five questions each.

Speaking - The time duration for the speaking section is 20 minutes. There are two independent and four integrated tasks in this section.

Writing - The time duration for the writing section is 50 minutes. There is one integrated and one independent task in this section.

TOEFL test information about Preparation

The preparation for TOEFL test will include a good time plan, picking up the right source, a lot of hard work and a cool mind during the exam. This can be achieved if you have the right TOEFL test information. It is good to start your preparation well in time as this will save you lots of jitters and give you a lot of confidence. An average student should take three to four months for preparation. Choice of a good book or tutorial is a difficult task and should be done deliberately. It is recommended that you should go through few books before finalizing the one for yourself. The guide book published by ETS, the organizers of TOEFL test is a good book and will be useful for your studies. After you have done the above two things right, it is practice and hard work that will get you a high score in TOEFL test. Good practice will not only give you a lot of confidence but it will also familiarize you with the format and type of questions being asked. This will save you a lot of time during the TOEFL test.

Preparation can also be done by enrolling to a TOEFL preparatory course. A course could either be online or run by a local institute. You could find enough TOEFL test information as well as practice material in such a course. However, you should make sure hat the source of your TOEFL test information is genuine so that you only get the most authentic information.

TOEFL Test Information About Score

TOEFL score is the score obtained by you in TOEFL test. A student should gather TOEFL test information about the score in order to have clear ideas as well as to set appropriate aims for himself. The higher the score the better are your chances to get admission in the college of your choice. Score obtained in TOEFL test has a validity period of two years. If you do not do well in your TOEFL test there is a facility to improve your score by reappearing in Writing and Speaking sections. All colleges and institutes view the score differently. While some of these institutes have a minimum total score required to get admission, others are interested in the detailed scores of various sections. Other than the marks scored in the exam, TOEFL score card also has remarks of the examiner along with topics of discussion.

The aim of TOEFL test is to check your capabilities in understanding the English language and your ability to use it. A good score in TOEFL test is required by many universities as a part of eligibility criteria for admission in their institutes. The score of TOEFL test may be used by the institute in combination with your other qualifications.

Finally the TOEFL test is easy if you have studied well and have the right TOEFL test information, but you have to work hard for it and keep your calm during exam. This TOEFL test can be your step towards higher education and the right opportunity to succeed in your career.

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