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TOEFL test is the test conducted by ETS or Education Testing Service. TOEFL, which is an abbreviated form of Test of English as a Foreign Language, is a test which all students from nonnative English speaking countries have to qualify to get admission in colleges and institutes in English speaking countries. TOEFL test is conducted throughout the year on fixed dates and students can appear on a day of their choice.

TOEFL test is organized to check the students for skills in use of English language. Various sections of TOEFL test are named based on the four skills they are testing namely Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading. However the new changed format examines you for integrated skills of English language. Lets discuss various formats of TOEFL test in detail.

Why do You Need TOEFL Test Info?

TOEFL test info is required by all students who wish to take the test. It is with TOEFL test info that you can plan to study for the test because you become familiar with its features. TOEFL test info helps in making students understand the requirements of the test. Moreover, when students know exactly what to prepare and how to proceed, there is minimum waste of time. Thus, with TOEFL test info, the preparation time is used to the fullest. TOEFL test info also makes students confident since it provides the lessons learnt by experiences of others at the test.

TOEFL Test Info About Fees and Registration

The registration for TOEFL test can be done up to one week prior to the exam. Registration can be done online, on phone, by fax or by mail. The fees for the TOEFL test varies (approximately US $150 or US $140) based on your country and the format of the test. The charges for reporting of your score to four colleges or institutes of your choice are inbuilt in the above fee. There are separate charges for late registration, additional reporting of score and cancellation of registration.

Paper Based TOEFL test info

Reading Comprehension The time duration for the reading section is 55 minutes. There are approximately 5 passages with a total of 50 questions

Listening Comprehension The time duration for the listening section is 30 minutes. There are short dialogues, long conversations and lectures and questions based on them in this section.

Structure and Written Comprehension The time duration for the structure and writing section is 25 minutes. There are two types of tasks in it namely, sentence completion and error recognition.

Writing This section is allotted 30 minutes and each student has to write an essay on an assigned topic of general nature.

Computer Based TOEFL test info

The Computer Based Test was introduced to improve upon the Paper based TOEFL test. The format was similar to the paper-based test. There were more types of questions and the time taken was a little more for taking CBT. CBT was a Computer Adaptive Test where the difficulty of the questions in the exam used to automatically change, depending on how well the student has answered the initial questions. Paper based test continued to be used in areas where Computer Based Test was not possible. CBT which was started in 1998 was soon replaced by iBT or internet based test. This was done in a phased manner and now CBT is no longer being conducted and there are only two formats of TOEFL test.

Internet Based TOEFL test info

The Internet Based TOEFL test was first started in 2005 with an aim to replace the other two formats. Though iBT has been able to replace CBT, there are some countries where PBT is still being conducted. The new format of TOEFL test iBT is not computer adaptive like CBT. It means that all candidates are examined with questions from same degree of difficulty, rather than getting questions based on their initial answers.

The three sections of the paper based and internet based tests are common. However a new section on speaking has been introduced. There is no separate section for structure in iBT. However, students are examined for correct use of grammar in all the sections. The major difference between this format and the earlier two formats is that iBT format checks you for integrated skills which are required while using a language. In this format, there might be questions in which first you have to listen to a conversation, read a passage on a given topic and then speak or write your answer based on it. You are allowed to take notes during this time. This new format provides complete information to the institute about the student, whether the student will be able to express himself in the academic environment.

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