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How to do TOEFL Study for the writing section? You should study for the writing section by regularly listening to conversations in English or speaking to people from English speaking countries. It will be a good idea to listen to academic situations and lectures. Good listening skills and correct interpretation can also be achieved by listening to television programs, news in English or by watching English movies. There are large numbers of web sites which tell you how to study for this section of TOEFL by providing online practice. During your study for this section you should learn to make notes and refer to them later to answer the questions based on the conversation you had listened.


To understand how to study for TOEFL writing section, you need to make grammatically correct sentences with correct usage of words to put across your answer. This would not only require a good vocabulary and knowledge of grammar, but also the correct usage of these words and phrases in your own sentences. There will be a requirement to write about a variety of topics, both academic and non academic in nature. You are also required to express your views in favor or against an argument during TOEFL. You are examined for grammar, clarity in expression and content of the essay. A good score can be achieved by regular reading of books and magazines covering such topics and listening to the opposing views.


This section requires you to lay emphasis on fluency and pronunciation. This section is an integration of the above sections where situations are presented to you in any of the above modes. You are required to speak out your answer. You should practice for this section by speaking to a person from an English speaking country or a friend who is also keen on improving his English speaking skills. There are books and tutorials that tell you how to study for TOEFL in order to master correct pronunciation and stress on the words to convey your message.

iBT or internet based test which is the new format of the exam has questions in each section which require integrated skills in all the four fields namely reading, speaking, writing and listening. So it is difficult to study for each section individually. TOEFL study should be aimed to improve the basic skills of English language.

If you study from the study material provided by the official ETS web site, then you get to know how to study for TOEFL as per the organizers of TOEFL. This may help you get ready for the real test and only then will you be able to do answer the question, how to do TOEFL Study?

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