Practice For TOEFL Speaking Section

How to Select TOEFL Speaking Practice Materials?

TOEFL Speaking Section

This test is available in two formats: paper based (PBT) and internet based (iBT). The paper based test does not include the Speaking section, but internet based tests the speaking skills of the candidate. It assesses how well the candidate can communicate with his fellow beings, friends, family and strangers. It is scored on the basis of how well you are able to express your ideas in a simple manner. Your pronunciation, grammar usage, clarity of speech etc. are taken into consideration.

How is the Test Conducted?

The Speaking section is conducted with the help of a computer, you are required to record your answers with the help of headsets having microphone. The recorded answers are send to ETS for scoring, which is done by a team of experts.

The Independent task involves speaking about topics which have a personal touch. It can include topics related to your personal experiences or topics about which you are familiar.

The Integrated task can be completed by combining the three skills- reading, listening and speaking. You are first required to read an article about an academic topic, followed by listening to a lecture about the same topic and then speaking about it.

How to Select TOEFL Speaking Practice Materials?

Speaking practice can be best done by joining institutes that offer practice in the company of native speakers. The native speakers can provide you with the correct pronunciation of a particular word and also where you need to provide the stresses and pauses for a word.

Another method includes joining clubs, where the members communicate only in English. You can also form a club along with your friends and carry out practice by watching English movies, especially those which are accompanied by subtitles. This gives a better idea on how to pronounce a particular word.

You can make a list of topics that appeared in the previous tests and practice speaking about them. Take the help of your family, friends or teachers for checking your language.

During the practice sessions, take the help of a recorder, to record what you speak. This can be replayed back to identify the flaws in your speech. By using a recorder you can judge your pace of learning. While replaying you can test the content by asking some questions like, was the speech clear, were the ideas organized correctly, does it contain any grammatical errors, were you able to express the ideas clearly, was the response completed in the allotted time etc.

Keep some time for planning your response; this should be followed in the practice sessions also. Make a note about the ideas that you are going to include in your answer. This type of practice session will make you comfortable on the day of the test.

All the speaking tasks require that you are in possession of a good vocabulary and have knowledge about proper grammar usage. Reading English books, newspaper, magazines etc and also listening to lectures, conversations etc will help in increasing your vocabulary and your knowledge about the language.

Practicing listening to materials that is accompanied by a transcript, this will help in knowing about how to pronounce a word. This will also help in getting familiar with the different accents of the language. Concentrate on the different styles used by the speaker; observe how he is using the different words with the proper stresses and pauses.

Links to Free TOEFL Speaking Practice Materials

Practice can be done by speaking a lot on various topics. Along with speaking, reading and listening to different materials also forms a part of your session.