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In the current scenario, you cannot think of going even a step towards preparing for any exam unless you take help of computer programs. These allow us to get access to information about a test and the various test prep materials that are available online. The preparation for TOEFL also demands preparing with TOEFL software. No doubt, you can also prepare for TOEFL with books as well. However, if you have a combination of some of the paramount books along with some of the most effective TOEFL software, you can prepare for this exam more effectively.

The various software that will help you in preparing for TOEFL are as follows:

Lexile Analyzer: This TOEFL software analyzes your reading comprehension level using the Lexile Measure and guides you to select books for reading according to your level of comprehension.

How does the Lexile Measure work?

In order to utilize the Lexile Measure, you have to write down your reading score that you have obtained from the reading test in the TOEFL iBT. Lexile Measure will immediately display a Lexile score corresponding to the score that you have supplied to it. In addition, the Lexile Measure suggests a Lexile range. The lower level represents the 25th percentile of reading comprehension level for different categories of books and the upper level of the range represents the 75th percentile. Based on this Lexile range, the Lexile Analyzer will suggest different categories of books for you such as University textbooks, online reference articles, US workplace books, online newspapers etc. Along with your Lexile score and score range, a graph is plotted. The graph will be plotted with the 'different categories of books' on the X-axis and 'Lexile scores' on the Y-axis. The graph so obtained demonstrates difficulty level of the different categories of books. You can search for a category of books according to your Lexile score range. Suppose that you have obtained a reading score of 18 in a test then the corresponding Lexile score will be 1215L and Lexile score range will be 1115L to 1265L. This 1115L represents that you can understand 25 percent of the reading materials of a particular category of books and 1265L represents that you can understand 75 per cent of a particular category of books. You can browse through the webpage to get detailed information about this TOEFL software.

TOEFL iBT Test Sampler: This TOEFL software brings to you various free online sample tests. These tests are similar to the actual TOEFL tests. You have to register with the official website of TOEFL, to get access to the online sample questions from all the four test sections i.e. the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Registration is free with the website. Remember, you cannot practice these questions more than once. It is to be noted that you can download the sample questions if you have any one of the operating systems such as Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional and Windows NT 4.0. To get more information about this TOEFL software, you can open the link and English: This website offers you some of the best programs that will help you in improving your English. They are:

Pronunciation in English Program: This TOEFL software helps you in learning pronunciation of various English words, rhythm, intonation etc.

Writing in English: This web-based program teaches you to write correct, clear and effective English.

Idioms in English: This TOEFL software of the hones your listening skills, strengthens your vocabulary and improves your speaking ability.

If you want to get information about the programsoffered by, you can refer to the link

TOEFL iBT Test Tips: This TOEFL Preparation program imparts information about the different test formats of TOEFL, the types of questions that are asked in TOEFL, the process of registering with to get access to online practice questions, information about TOEFL scoring pattern, Frequently Asked Questions to clear all of your doubts etc.

TOEFL software not only helps you in preparing for TOEFL but also provides you with complete information about TOEFL. Some of the software are available free whereas, some can be accessed after paying for them.

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