Evaluate The TOEFL Score Report Correctly

What Does the iBT TOEFL Score Report Contain

This is a test that assesses your proficiency in the English language. It is an international test and is recognized by many educational institutions around the world. The score report will be sent to you by post. It can also be sent to educational institutions of your choice. 

What Does the IBT TOEFL Score Report Contain?

  1. It contains your score for each section, plus your total score. For each of the sections, the scores will be given between 0 and 30. The scores of each section are further divided into three to four levels. For instance, the Reading section score is further graded as 'high', 'intermediate' and 'low'.

  2. Your total score will be given between 0 and 120. This is the sum total of the scores you obtain in the individual sections of the test.

  3. The report also contains your performance feedback. This explains what can be generally expected from someone, who has scored in the range that you have obtained. For example, if you have scored a 'high' on the Reading section, it means that you can understand written text and interpret it, even if the language is complex.

Each section of the test measures a specific ability related to the use of the English language. For example, if you have scored between 26 and 30 in the Speaking test, your score will be rated as 'good'. This means that you have the ability to express yourself coherently, as you speak in English. What you say is intelligible to the listener and your vocabulary is good. There may be a few mistakes in the pronunciation and a few pauses, but they do not affect the comprehensibility of your speech nor do they interrupt the flow of speech to a significant degree.

There is no pass or fail score in this test. Each institution has its own requirements. You should find out from the institutions you are interested in studying at, about the score they require.

How Can You Obtain Your iBT TOEFL Score Report?

You can get your score report in the following ways:

  1. The printed form of the report is sent to you by post, 10 days after you have taken the test.

  2. You can also see your score online. Within around two weeks after taking the test, you will be sent an email informing you that the scores are ready to be viewed online. You will also be given the dates on which you can avail this facility. The link you can use to view your score report online is https://toefl-registration.ets.org/TOEFLWeb/extISERLogonPrompt.do.

The score is valid for two years from the time you took the test. You can, however, take the test again if you want to improve your score. There are no restrictions regarding the number of times that you are permitted to take the test.

At the end of the test, if you are sure that you have not performed up to the standard you wanted, you have the option of cancelling your score. This option will be offered to you as soon as you complete your test. If you choose to cancel your score, neither you nor any institution, will receive the score report. If after canceling your score, you change your mind again, you can 'reinstate' your test score. You are permitted to do this up to ten days after you took the test. Once you do this, you will receive your score report within three weeks. There is a fee of $20 for reinstatement of your score.