TOEFL Schedule

How to Prepare a TOEFL Test Taking Schedule?

Two types of TOEFL tests are administered. One is the internet based test or the iBT and the other is paper based test or pBT. The iBT is administered 30-40 times in a year and the pBT is offered 6 times. The details of TOEFL schedule can be accessed at

The test dates are in the months of February, March, April and May. The TOEFL schedule is designed to enable students to join universities for higher studies without wasting time. Students usually take up the test while they are in the undergraduate final year and the next year they take up the higher studies. In the website given above, the country, city, testing format and the dates are given. You can directly view the testing format and dates available in your country of interest by clicking on the first letter of the country in the given list. Different page views are available. You can view all, view only pBT centers or view only the iBT centers. The webpage is very user friendly.

Choosing the Right Date

Choosing the right TOEFL schedule is the first major task after you have decided to take up the TOEFL test. There are a few things you have to keep in mind before selecting the test date:

  • Preparation Time

    Preparation is very essential for a good TOEFL score. Before you select a date for the TOEFL test, decide on the time you will require for preparation. To know the time you will require, take up a mock test and understand where you stand with respect to your English communication skills. Decide on the type of training you want to undertake for the preparation. There are different options available for preparation like self-study, live classes and online classes. If you are planning on joining a class, find out the duration of the course and decide on the TOEFL date.

  • Availability of the Test

    Decide on the format (pBT or iBT) of the test you want to take and check if that format is available at the test center near to you. If it is not available you can either go ahead with the other format or choose another center that offers the format you are interested in.

  • Availability of Date

    After you have decided on a date, check if that date is available. The admission to the test is on first-come first-served basis. So, decide early and register. If the date is not available, decide on another date or decide on another center which has that date available.

  • Center away from where you stay

    If you are planning on taking up the test in a center that is far from your place, find out the details of accommodation and availability of transportation. These are important as you should not end up registering for a date with no means of transport.

Registration for the Test

The TOEFL schedule has many dates for taking up the test but registering for the test as early as possible is important as each center has a fixed number of seats for the test. You can register for the test online, by mail, by phone or by going in person to the test center. The TOEFL registration for those who wish to register online, by phone or in person, will close 7 days prior to the test date. With a late registration fee, you can register up to 3 days before the test for an online or in person registration. For phone registration you can register up to 5 PM on the business day prior to your test date. For registering by mail, you have to send the application such that it reaches the center at least 4 weeks before the test date.

The TOEFL schedule is a fixed schedule and you have to register early to ensure a seat for the test. The registration is a simple process and can be done online on any day at any time.

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