Preparing For The TOEFL From San Francisco

TOEFL Preparation Options in San Francisco

If you are thinking of a world level test that is both standard and easy to take, it is none other than TOEFL. This test is popular nowadays and is taken by across the world. It is also popular in the United States principally in San Francisco. This city is one of the best cities in the world as it has proved itself an IT hub that offers employment and hence attracts talents from all over the world. In this article, we intend to discuss about the the aspirants test in San Francisco and the various test preparation options that are available in the city.

  1. GEOS English Academy

    GEOS English Academy is one of the best institutes in San Francisco and it aims at guiding you to find your identity in one of the popular institutes in North America. In this organization, you will get instructions by expert mentors to improve your English comprehension, listening, writing and speaking skills. In addition, you can get a chance on strengthening your English vocabulary and grammar. Moreover, you will get the advantage of:

    • Taking weekly practice tests.
    • Counseling by the GEOS mentors once in a month.
    • Getting home assignments for more practice.
    • Online chatting with experts to clear your doubts.
    • Taking classes in small groups and getting more attention of mentors.

    If you want to get detailed information about this center for test preparation, you can glance through the following web page:

  2. Manhattan Review

    Since the year 1999, Manhattan Review courses in the fields of GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT and also TOEFL are well-known as they are led by the most qualified mentors from around the world who follow the contemporary methods of teaching. The experts help students in getting an edge over their competitors from other preparation institutes. This center provides you with both in-person and online test preparation course options.You will get:

    • Several practice tests similar to the actual test.
    • Immediate feedback on your performance in sample or mock tests.
    • Personal attention from mentors.
    • Access to the Longman TOEFL and Manhattan Review TOEFL Handbook to hone your English comprehension skills.
    • In-person and online one-to-one tutoring facility.
    • Access to practice tests in front of a computer.
    • Recorded lessons online if you have missed a class because of your busy schedule.

    You can consult the following web page: for detailed information about this organization in San Francisco.

  3. MBA Center

    MBA Center is famous for its easy to understand and interesting instructions. No doubt, you can learn concepts in fun. It offers you:

    • One-to-one tutoring facility. It helps in experiencing rapid developments in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
    • Live chat facility for clearing all your doubts.
    • Assessment of your performance by spotting your strengths and weaknesses.
    • The TOEFL Study Book, that provides you with online full-length practice tests, strategies to approach difficult questions, techniques to improve speaking skills etc.

    You can get details of this organization by logging on to the following link:

  4. Social Networking Websites

    Besides the above-mentioned institutes, you can also join various famous social networking websites across the world such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ etc to form a study group with other aspirants. These websites will also help you in getting study tips from experts across the world.

  5. Books for TOEFL Preparation

    Some of the books that are popular for preparation for TOEFL are as follows:

    1. Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test, 2nd edition: This book is referred to by most of the applicants in San Francisco. It has the following features:

      • It comprises questions related to the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking test sections.
      • It contains mini practice tests and complete practice tests.
      • This book contains information on the scoring pattern.

      If you want to get details of this book, you can open the following link:

    2. TOEFL iBT Sample Questions: These sample questions are referred to by most of the students as:

      • These questions are supplied by the official website of TOEFL,
      • These can be downloaded free of cost.
      • The practice tests provided are similar to the actual tests.

      You can visit the following web page: for further information about these test preparation materials.

This description conveys to you information about the preparation options that are available and are followed by most of the aspirants who are located in the city and those who are residing in its nearby areas.