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TOEFL Preparation Options in San Diego

The preferred method of TOEFL preparation, according to many candidates, is by attending classroom sessions. Usually institutes offering such TOEFL preparatory courses have a number of branches and some of them are also in different parts of the world. Sometimes candidates who have time and travelling constraints prefer to enroll in courses that hold online classes to get a feel of classroom session.

So if you are thinking of enrolling in a TOEFL preparatory course you should enquire about institutes that hold classroom sessions in your locality. If you are a resident of San Diego and want to know your options regarding TOEFL San Diego then the first thing you should find out is the various features of the courses offered by different institutes preparing students for TOEFL San Diego. Some of your preparatory options are discussed in the following section.

Prepare for TOEFL in San Diego

Preparing for TOEFL becomes easier if you enroll in a course. It will help you understand your weaknesses and you will also get sufficient practice. Some institutes preparing candidates for TOEFL San Diego, along with their links, are as follows:


    This institute offers TOEFL preparatory course consisting of 30 lessons. 20 lessons among them will help you develop your grammatical skills and increase your vocabulary. The remaining 10 lessons are designed to give to you sufficient practice and develop techniques and strategies to help you take the examination in an efficient manner. There are 3 types of courses (Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced) and the lengths of the courses range from 4, 8 to 12 weeks. Thus, based on your requirements, you can select a preparatory course of TOEFL San Diego. Moreover, this institute offers accommodation to candidates who require it. Price of the courses will also depend on the type of facilities you require. The minimum price for an Intermediate course is $1650. Thus, if you require a complete preparatory course that will cover studies as well as practice sessions then you could check out this website.


    This institute offers intensive TOEFL preparatory course. They hold 30 lessons in a week and each lesson is 45 minutes long. The classroom strength is also small (12 students per classroom) ensuring that all the candidates get individual attention from the instructor. Moreover, classes are held from Monday to Friday and study materials are included in the course fee. This institute too offers accommodation to candidates who require it. Thus, if you are looking for an intense preparation for TOEFL San Diego then you should consider this institute.


    This institute offers TOEFL preparation course that can be divided into 2 parts, viz, 20 lessons to teach you English (grammar, vocabulary, writing, listening and speaking skills; in other words, general English) and 8 lessons that will be dedicated only towards preparing for the TOEFL, i.e. , techniques and strategies to help you answer the questions easily. The classes are 50minutes long and the minimum time required for completion of the course is 4 weeks. However, the classes are held only if there is sufficient demand, so enquire about it before enrolling in the course.

The afore-mentioned list provides details about the better known institutes preparing candidates for TOEFL San Diego. But before you enroll in a course ensure that it meets most of your requirements. It will also help if you got the opinions from candidates who have done a TOEFL course from the institutes. Some points that you should consider while selecting a course are discussed in the following section.

Points to Take Into Account While Selecting a Course

Most of the features of TOEFL preparatory courses are similar. But before you enroll in a course ensure that they have the following facilities:

  • The study materials provided by an institute preparing students for TOEFL San Diego should provide equal attention to all sections of the examination and should be included in the course fee.

  • The classroom strength should be small so that the instructors can give the required attention to all students.

  • The courses should be intensive and provide sufficient practice.

  • The institute should also have accommodation facilities for candidates who need it.

Thus, you should select a preparatory course that has at least some of these features. Preparation for TOEFL is incomplete if the institute does not guide you through the registration process. So select a course that offers complete help and then all you need to worry about is doing well in the test.

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