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3. Writing Sample Question:

The writing TOEFL practice questions are measured on the score scale of 0 to 30. The writing TOEFL practice questions contain two writing tasks. The time allotted to attempt the writing TOEFL practice questions is 50 minutes. The two writing TOEFL practice questions are rated on the score from 0 to 5 and then the average score that the student gets from the writing TOEFL sample question is changed into the score scale of 0 to 30. The checking of the writing TOEFL sample question is not done on the computer or through the answer key. The checking and the scoring of the writing TOEFL sample question are done manually; the TOEFL test checker checks the responses. The writing TOEFL practice questions checker tests the student on the various qualities that are expected in a TOEFL writing test. The writing of the student must be well organized, it should be appropriate and to the point. The student must make use of proper grammar, tenses, spellings and vocabulary. The writing task should be complete and the content has to be accurate.

The examiner gives scores to the writing based upon the quality of the writing. The writing TOEFL practice questions gives ample amount of practice to the student to develop, organize and write the main points using correct grammar and vocabulary.

There are two tasks given in the writing TOEFL sample questions. In one out of the two tasks, the student is required to defend the given topic. He might be asked to write in favor of the given topic. In the second writing task, the student will be presented with a reading passage and a lecture. The student will have to read the questions based on the major information from the passage as well as the lecture. The student will have to write down the answer of the given questions.

The student can make notes and he can use these notes to answer the questions. After finishing the writing TOEFL sample questions, the student will have to submit back his notes with the TOEFL test supervisor. These notes will not be scored.

4. Speaking Sample Question:

The speaking TOEFL sample question tests how fluently the student can speak on a number of given topics. The speaking sample questions consist of six questions or tasks. The entire topic on which the student has to speak is of international relevance. The student need not have any special kind of knowledge to speak on these TOEFL sample questions. The six tasks given in the TOEFL practice questions are each rated from 0 to 4 and later the average of each of the TOEFL practice questions task score is converted into a scale score of 0 to 30.

After being allotted with the TOEFL sample question topic, the student is given a few seconds to prepare and then he has to speak on the particular topic. The student can be asked questions based on his personal experiences or his personal preferences. The student can also be given a passage to read and then he will be asked questions from that passage.

The student can get the TOEFL practice questions from various sources such as books, web sites, tuition courses and TOEFL preparation classes. You should keep in mind the above criterion while selecting a source for TOEFL sample questions. The sample questions should be complete in all respects mentioned section-wise above. Moreover the TOEFL practice questions should be as close to the real TOEFL questions as possible.

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