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Primary Focus of TOEFL Prep Review

TOEFL tests you for the four skills of the English language that are reading, speaking, writing and listening. As mentioned before, choice of a good book will be very important for improving your knowledge of English language. You should give yourself sufficient time for study. Periodically you should examine your level of knowledge by taking the practice tests. Identify your weaknesses and then focus your studies to improve upon them. You should examine each section in detail. You should concentrate on the types of essays or articles, types of questions, time available for answering each question in each section. A close look at each section will help you recognize that most of the passages or essays are based on academics. You should familiarize yourself with similar situations. You should read well on the general topics so that you can give arguments in favor or against in a short span of time. It is important that the student works hard on aspects like vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and articulation.

In any language a good vocabulary will help you gain command over the language. In TOEFL prep review if you enhance your vocabulary it will be very useful in all the four sections. There are various techniques that can be used to increase your vocabulary. You can read newspapers, magazines or books as a part of TOEFL prep review to increase your vocabulary. Another known way of TOEFL prep review for improving vocabulary is by making a list of new words which you come across. Supplement the list with the meanings of these words, synonyms, antonyms and their usage.

As per the new format there is no separate test for English grammar. It is an integrated part of all the sections. In most of the questions where time is less you have to formulate your answer in a very short time. Good understanding of English grammar will help you in giving correct answers.

The speaking section would require you to have the proper pronunciation. TOEFL prep review should focus to improve your pronunciation. This can be done by having conversation with the people from native English speaking countries. If you do not get such people, it is a good idea to interact with fellow students appearing for the test. Listening to TV programs and news with correct pronunciation may be helpful.

TOEFL prep review: Practice

A good way to save time during TOEFL is by practice. Regular practice not only helps you improve your knowledge but also familiarizes you with the format and the directions for the various sections and the types of questions. Constant TOEFL practice will also help you develop your own techniques to save time during the exam. TOEFL practice tests can help you gain confidence and get the feel of the real exam. Feedback from these tests can be used for focusing on weak areas.

Secondary Issues in TOEFL Prep Review

It is important that during the exam you maintain a relaxed attitude and high confidence. This will not happen on its own. During TOEFL prep review you should make a concentrated effort to motivate yourself to control all the factors that may cause anxiety or low confidence during the exam. Reaching the exam center well in time, carrying all required accessories like identity proof, writing material etc, familiarization with format of the test and directions to appear for the test are few such factors that may help you to maintain your calm during the exam.

TOEFL is an important exam for the students who wish to study in English speaking countries. It is also useful for people from non-native English speaking countries who are looking for employment in English speaking countries.

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