TOEFL Results

Information in the TOEFL Result Report and How Institutions Use It

TOEFL Scores

If you apply for admission in a college or university that is located in an English-speaking country, you will find that many of these institutions make use of the TOEFL results at the time of screening the applications. You need to be aware that the program that you may want to apply to in a college may have a minimum TOEFL score limit. If you score less than the minimum score, you may not get admission. Before you apply to a college, it is important that you check the minimum score that you need to obtain. More than eight thousand universities, colleges and agencies in more than one hundred and thirty countries are accepting the TOEFL results. It is also possible for a candidate to meet the visa requirements in the United Kingdom and Australia. When you register and take this test, you will be entitled to:

  • One online score report and one printed report.

  • A maximum of four official reports can be sent to the agencies or institutions requested by you. The ETS will send the same to these institutions directly.

Components of TOEFL Results

In the TOEFL results, you will find that there are four sections and these are:

  • Reading: The score one can obtain in this section can range from 0 to 30.

  • Listening: The score one can obtain in this section can range from 0 to 30.

  • Speaking: The score one can obtain in this section can range from 0 to 30.

  • Writing: The score one can obtain in this section can range from 0 to 30.

There will also be a total score and this score will range from 0 to 120. Basically, the total score will be a sum of all the four sections mentioned above. In the TOEFL results or reports, you will find that there are scores of each of the test sections and a total score. This report will also include a performance feedback about what the candidates would normally attain at the score level that you are in.

Facts About TOEFL Results

Are you wondering when candidates will be able to obtain their TOEFL results?

  • It will be possible for the candidates to get the reports within two weeks after the date of the examination. They can easily view the result by logging into their TOEFL iBT account online.

  • The scores that you have obtained in the test will be valid only for a period of two years. Once the validity period is over, you will not be able to use the scores for admission anymore.

  • It is also possible for you to obtain additional score results once the test scores are out. Of course, you will have to pay a fee for each additional report you request for. You can get the TOEFL results within a week of your request.

Keep in Mind...

It is important that you have good TOEFL results because this is the only way to ensure that you are considered by the educational institution that you are planning to apply to. If you would like to make a good impression on the college or university, you can do this by getting a high total score in this examination. Since this is an English proficiency test, many candidates mistakenly start to believe that they will be able to score high without putting in much effort. However, this is where you are wrong because you need to understand the format of this test well and you also need to practice regularly if you wish to get good TOEFL results.

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