Receiving Result of TOEFL

How, When and Where are TOEFL Results Declared

The waiting period between completing a test and receiving the result can be nerve racking. But this waiting period becomes more worrisome if you do not know how to access your result or when to access it. Thus, before you appear for your TOEFL examination, ensure that you have collected all the required details about the test's result. But first you must know what your  result consists of and it is explained in the following section.

Interpretation of TOEFL Result

TOEFL comprises 4 parts. The result that you will get will consist of the marks you have scored in each section of the test. Moreover, the score you receive for each section is followed by a feedback to give the admissions authorities of colleges and universities a clearer perspective of your proficiency in English and of your test result.

For example if your score for the Reading section of the test ranges from 22 to 30 then you have a 'high' expertise in reading in English, similarly if your score ranges from 15 to 21 then you have an 'intermediate' level of expertise. If you want more details about it then click on the following link:

The minimum and maximum scores that you can get for iBT are 0 and 120 respectively and if you are appearing for the PBT version of the test then your score will range within 310 and 677. The result that you receive is rated not only by a computer but also by human examiners. This double checking procedure ensures that the result you receive is authentic and free of any errors. Once you have learnt how to interpret your test result, you must learn how to access it. The various methods of checking your score are discussed below.

Check Your TOEFL Result

You can check your exam score online or wait for the arrival of a hard copy of your scores through mail. If you wish to access your results online then click on the following link:

ETS will send you a mail about 2 weeks after you have taken the test, informing you that your scores are available. You can also check your result by clicking on the afore-mentioned link. Go through the webpage properly and you will find another link in the page asking you whether you want to view your score. Click on that link and a new page will open where you will have to provide your log in id and password in order to view your result.

Your test score is mailed to you 10 days after you had appeared for the examination. If you live in the USA it will take another 7 or 10 days to reach you and if you live in any other part of the world it will take longer. Moreover, the date of arrival of your score card also depends upon the postal service of your country.

Receiving Your TOEFL Result

From the previous section you can understand that it takes nearly 14 days (or more) for you to receive your test result. Thus, it is essential that you understand where else you can get your result from. If it is urgent then you can give a call to ETS student service number and enquire about your results.

Moreover, your results are sent directly by ETS to the 4 institutes that you had selected during registration. If you want then ETS will send your score directly to 8 more institutes and will charge you $17 per score card. Thus, you will not have to worry about your score not reaching its destination.

You can also order additional score cards online, through fax or by mail. If you order online then the score cards will be dispatched to you 4 to 7 working days, after receiving your order. If you use any other means of ordering then your test result will be mailed to you 2 weeks after ETS receives your order.

As you understand when, where and how to access your score you will be able to use your score to the maximum. Your TOEFL score will be valid for 2 years, hence you will get sufficient time to receive the score card and make maximum possible use of it for admission in colleges and universities.