TOEFL Registration Fee

What is the TOEFL Registration Fee and what are the Other Charges?

TOEFL is a standardized English competence test that is administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service). This test is conducted world-over and the results of the test are used by various institutions all across the globe. Due to the universal appeal of the test, the process of the application and registration of the test is so designed that everyone can reach out to a local administrator for taking the test, while ETS still remains the main administrator of TOEFL.

The TOEFL registration fee is different for the different countries in which it is conducted in. The difference in currencies in various parts of the world makes it necessary for an examination like TOEFL to consider local currencies instead of only the American Dollar for its fees. The costs of various other processes of TOEFL, apart from the TOEFL registration fee are fixed and are expressed in US dollars because, the administration of TOEFL and its processes are all controlled by ETS which is based in the USA.

The following points explain the TOEFL registration fee and its associated costs in detail:

  • The cost of TOEFL is subject to the location where the test is being conducted. An average sum of US$ 130 may be spent on registration.

  • TOEFL registration fee is in the currency of the country where the test is administered so candidates have to procure the converted rates for their location to determine their TOEFL registration fee. The conversion rates are available at the local registration centres.

  • Candidates are also expected to know the payment options in their test centres before they register. Making bank drafts and money orders requires extra charges and candidates have to account those charges also in the cost of registration.

  • It is not necessary to spend extra money apart from the registration fee if the candidates register for TOEFL, keeping in mind all the details of the registration process and are well planned. Candidates can pay the TOEFL registration fee and even pay for other costs in a minimum budget of around US$ 160 and a maximum budget of US$ 250, if they plan ahead of time.

  • The additional cost for late registration is US$ 35 and the process of late registration for the different modules of the test is different. Candidates must visit the website to get the details about registration before registering for TOEFL.

  • Even if candidates have registered for the test and paid the TOEFL registration fee, they can reschedule their test if they are not comfortable with the dates. ETS does provide for rescheduling provided that candidates apply for it at least 3 days before the test. The additional cost of taking the test on another date is US$ 60.

  • The total TOEFL registration fee is never totally returned to the candidates even if they cancel their registration. If cancelled in time, half of the TOEFL registration fee value might be returned. Candidates should be aware of these procedures while paying the TOEFL registration fee.

Apart from certain upfront costs which all candidates have to bear for TOEFL, there are a few other costs also that some of the candidates need to pay if they need special services from ETS. These costs can fall under the categories of; general rescoring of the test, computerised rescoring of the test, non-computerised rescoring of the test, cancellation of the test, refund of TOEFL fee, asking for extra score reports to apply to various institutions etc. Though not explicitly stated but, TOEFL books, TOEFL preparatory materials, cost of stationery, infrastructural costs are all the personal broad headings under which money is spent and all of them should also be accounted in the cost of TOEFL.

Last but not the least, every candidate must keep a track of the changes in fee structure and the costs of TOEFL through its website After all, being well prepared is like winning half the battle!

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