TOEFL Reading Tips

Invaluable Tips for TOEFL Reading Test

In order to get college/university admission in an English-speaking country, you have to score well in the TOEFL test and prove that you have adequate or above-average skills for reading, listening, speaking and writing English in an academic environment.

The first section of the TOEFL iBT exam is the Reading test. The main purpose of this section is to assess how well you can read and understand English text passages. Improving your English reading skills and preparing well will help you achieve a very good score in the Reading test and will eventually put an impact on your overall TOEFL scores. This article gives a few invaluable tips for the TOEFL iBT Reading test. You can achieve high scores in the TOEFL iBT Reading test if you follow the TOEFL Reading tips given below:

Be clear with the Task involved in the TOEFL iBT Reading Test

One of the most vital TOEFL Reading tips that you must follow is to make yourself clear about the number of questions, the time limit and the format of the Reading test. You must also be clear with the task you have to do in the Reading section.

You will be asked 36 to 56 questions based on three to four academic text passages in this section. You will have to answer these questions after reading three to four academic text passages. The time duration of the TOEFL iBT Reading test is 60 to 80 minutes.

Develop your English Reading Proficiency

It is very important to develop your English reading skills in general. You can do this by improving your English vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and fluency skills with the help of the Skill-building tools found at the ETS website or through other sources. You must improve your English understanding skills. You must also practice to read fast. You can improve your reading skills required for effectively taking the TOEFL iBT Reading test through Lexile® Measures that is a free service accessible from the ETS website ( To know more details about the Lexile® Measures, you canvisit the website

Prepare effectively for the TOEFL iBT Reading Test

You can achieve an above-average score in the TOEFL Reading test only through effective preparation. This is one of the best must-to-follow TOEFL Reading tips. You must use the best TOEFL study materials and practice questions, and take as many practice tests as possible. You can get useful TOEFL study materials from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) website and preparing well for the Reading test. The TOEFL® Resources: An Overview for Students (Flash), The TOEFL® Practice Online, The Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test, Third Edition, The TOEFL® Value Packs, skill-building tools, free test preparation materials and practice tests offered at the ETS website ( can definitely help you a lot.

Tips for Effectively Answering the TOEFL iBT Reading Test

In order to answer the questions asked in the TOEFL iBT Reading test properly, you have to follow a few TOEFL Reading tips and strategies. The TOEFL Reading tips given below will be very helpful for you:

  • You have to answer the questions in the Reading test only on the basis of what you understand from the given reading passages. Hence, read the given text passages carefully with full concentration.

  • When reading each text passage, first give a quick glance through the complete passage and then read it again slowly.

  • Understand and note down the main idea and the important points when reading the passages, and use your notes for answering the questions.

  • Avoid spending too much of time on questions for which you do not know sure answers. However, remember that you have the answer for all the questions in the information provided in the given text passages. Try to answer these questions using what you have understood from the read passages.

If you want to prepare well and get an excellent score in the TOEFL Reading test, make sure that you follow the above listed TOEFL Reading tips.

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