TOEFL Preparation

Why Is TOEFL Preparation Required?

Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL is one of the tests you have to take up to study in an English speaking nation. It is recognized in more than 8000 colleges, universities and agencies across 130+ countries.

This exam tests the proficiency of the examinee in the English language in writing, reading, speaking and listening abilities. A high score is required in the test to get admission in a top university. TOEFL is administered in more than 4500 centers in more than 165 countries.

More than 800,000 students take up the test every year. TOEFL preparation is very important. When you apply for a university abroad, you have to take up the subject test like GRE or GMAT. TOEFL score is as important as these scores. To get a high score, a thorough TOEFL preparation is essential.

iBT and pBT

The TOEFL can be taken up as an internet based test (iBT) or the paper based test (pBT). The various sections in the test are Reading, Writing and Listening. The iBT has another section called the Speaking section. In this section you are evaluated based on what you speak. You have to speak into a microphone. This is recorded digitally and sent to certified human raters for evaluation.

TOEFL Preparation

Just a good knowledge of English is not sufficient to get a good TOEFL score. You must be good at communicating in English which is required when you are studying in an English speaking nation. You must be able to understand the English as the native speakers speak the language in their country.

  1. TOEFL preparation can be done by self-study, online study or live in-class study. Whichever TOEFL preparation methodology you take up, it should help you score a high score.

  2. While preparing for the test,
    • Try to converse only in English
    • Try to watch television shows and movies in the English language
    • Try to read as many English books as possible both academic and non-academic
    • Try to read newspaper articles and articles on web written by people who have a good command over the language
    • Judge your English speaking skills by recording what you speak. Ask an English teacher to review it and advice you on areas where you can improve

    These above activities will improve your English speaking and understanding skills.

  3. Decide whether you will be taking the internet based test or paper based test. TOEFL preparation should be based on this. Check if your preferred center has the internet based test format available. If it is not available either you can choose another center that has this option or prepare for a paper based test. If you are taking up the internet based test, practice on a computer with a QWERTY keyboard. This will increase your typing speed and reduce the typographic errors.

  4. Learn and understand the syllabus and the types of questions that will be asked in the test. Prepare thoroughly for the whole syllabus and for each question type. Collect books and make note of the websites from where you can prepare. ETS, the authority that conducts the TOEFL, has many study materials on its site. This site is good for TOEFL preparation. ETS offers both priced and free test material. The site,, will give you the details about the available study materials.

  5. Practice as many test papers as possible and time all your tests. Timing is very important but do not panic. The TOEFL tests are timed tests. Speed is very important, so practice based on the test format with a clock. If you are taking up the paper based test, then write and practice. This will increase your writing speed.

  6. Last but not the least, prepare with a relaxed mind without stress.

TOEFL is a very important test that you have to take up if you plan to study abroad. TOEFL preparation, if done sincerely will help you go to the university of your choice.

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