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Can you think of going to an international location and start studying in a college without having proficiency in English? The other query that comes to the fore is how to assess whether you are capable of getting education abroad or not. You may come across many such queries but would be happy to find out only one answer that is both widely accepted and easily taken, and evaluates your English comprehension skills. Here comes the role of TOEFL!

TOEFL tests your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Before you start preparing for the test, you have to get versed with the test formats and the type of questions that are asked in it. Unless you consult the official website, you cannot get the most authentic information about any preparation material., a Guide to TOEFL

Educational Testing Service (ETS) administers several popular exams one among them is TOEFL. It makes you a certified test taker and guides you towards success by offering the following:

Practice Questions: Sample questions from all test sections that enhance your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English. This material gives you an idea of the actual questions that are asked in the test. You can reach these sample questions free of cost. Log on to the link to get details.

Lexile Measure: The official website and MetaMetrix brings to you a very helpful program that evaluates your reading comprehension level and suggests to you a list of books from various categories viz fiction and non-fiction based on your reading skills. You have to supply your Reading test section's score of iBT to the Lexile Measure. Suppose that you have obtained an iBT score of 22 in the reading test, then the corresponding Lexile Measure will be 1315L and Lexile Range will be 1215L to 1365L. Alongside, a graph will be plotted that contains different categories of books on the X-axis and Lexile scores on the Y-axis. The bars that are formed with these axes represent 25th percentile and 75th percentile of the comprehension level for different categories of books such as US workplace books, University textbooks, online articles, online news of world etc. The graph indicates which category of books will be suitable for you to read and thus, suggests books accordingly. You will be happy to note that ETS bestows on you this unique facility free of cost. To get more details, you can refer to the webpage,

In addition to these materials, you can also utilize some other preparation materials by paying small amounts of money. What you need to do is open an account with the official website and purchase books and software through it. You can get access to:

Engaging English Service: This software uses Lexile Measure to assess your reading comprehension level. It then suggests you books and also gradually raises the standard of books to take the test head on. Alongside, this material provides you with feedback on your reading ability through a graph. You can browse the webpage for more details.

The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test: No doubt, you can get many test preparation materials online. However, unless you consult a book, you are not able to give a final touch to your test preparation. This is true for almost all test aspirants. Thus, the test administrators have brought at your doorstep prep materials which contain:

  • Questions from the actual tests.
  • Strategies to approach different types of questions.
  • Several practice questions.

You are suggested to consult the webpage to get more information.

These test preparation materials are available through ETS. You can also join one of the world level coaching institutes such as Kaplan, Manhattan etc. Some may also prefer to prepare on their own by forming study groups with friends. You can also consult excellent test experts through social networking websites such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter to gather the preparation materials. However, your personal needs and convenience factor may also affect your final choice of study materials.