TOEFL Preparation Course

Crash Courses for TOEFL Preparation

TOEFL is the most widely recognized test of English Language that is taken by candidates for the following reasons:

  • For pursuing higher studies in colleges and universities in English-speaking countries.

  • To secure admission in the learning programs of English Language.

  • For obtaining scholarships and certificates.

  • Tracking the progress of English Language.

  • For student and work visa.

The scores of TOEFL are accepted by over 8,500 colleges that are spread across 130 countries.

TOEFL consists of the following four sections:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

By taking TOEFL, the students are able to demonstrate their ability to express their ideas and opinions in Standard English. It also encourages proper usage of grammar and syntax during their academic stint. TOEFL can be taken in the following two formats:

  • TOEFL iBT: This is the online version of the test that is taken by most students.

  • TOEFL PBT: This one refers to the paper-based test that is taken by those students who do not have internet access due to certain reasons.

Review of TOEFL Preparation Courses

It is difficult to predict an exact method that can help the students to get good scores in this examination. However, taking a TOEFL preparation course should be able to help them in feeling more confident on the day of the test. Besides this, a TOEFL preparation course also allows the students to familiarize themselves with the test pattern and the question types. Moreover, by taking the proctored tests, the students are able to manage their time and they can start working on their weaknesses. In this section, we will review some of the prep courses for TOEFL:

  • The Official Guide to TOEFL Test is offered by ETS, which is the test maker for TOEFL. This guide consists of two full-length tests along with practice questions is available in e book and paperback formats. It is the most reliable and comprehensive TOEFL preparation course.

  • TOEFL Practice Online is another TOEFL preparation course that comes form ETS. This prep material consists of official questions for TOEFL covering all the four sections of Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. The greatest benefit of taking this test is that it provides an opportunity to TOEFL aspirants to evaluate different questions of TOEFL 24x7. The students can choose to answer the questions and get immediate scores with this online test.

  • Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test: iBT Second Edition (With CD ROM) consists of latest prep materials along with diagnostic pre tests, eight mini tests, two full-length practice tests. Beside this, it also includes TOEFL review exercises, scores of all the practice tests, checklist for self evaluation. The CD Rom contains 700 practice elements along with numerous prep materials that make it a powerful TOEFL preparation course.

Crash Courses for TOEFL

Crash courses are ideally taken by those candidates who are unable to find sufficient time for a full time TOEFL preparation course. Along with sufficient information on the test sections, these courses are extremely focused and allow the TOEFL aspirants to grasp as much as they can within a short duration of time. Lets us learn about the crash courses that are offered for TOEFL preparation:

  • New York - TOEFL Exam Preparation is a crash course, which is offered by English Language Centers in several locations across USA. It is also available in Malta and Cape Town. The course continues for 4-8 weeks with 30 hours each week and accommodates limited number of students in each session (from 12 -14 based on location). Beginning with student assessments, the course progresses further to prepare them completely for TOEFL.

  • TOEFL and Academic English by Kaplan is a crash course that consists of 20 TOEFL iBT and academic English lessons that are offered in Canada, UK and United States. The duration of this course is 4-16 weeks and it allows the students to prepare for TOEFL and sharpen their skills in English Language.


TOEFL preparation course is one basic aspect that helps the students to hone their test taking strategies for TOEFL along with English Language skills. By taking these courses, the students are able to get closer to achieving good scores in this examination.

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