TOEFL Preparation Classes

Essentials of TOEFL Preparation Classes

Essentials of TOEFL Preparation Classes

TOEFL preparation classes are found almost anywhere these days but may not necessarily be good. TOEFL as an exam is so popular that it is difficult not to bump into prep classes in practically every nook and corner of a city or town. However, the question is, are all these TOEFL prep classes reliable for good preparation? Not at all! Let us look at the essentials of TOEFL preparation classes.

  1. The Track Record: You certainly cannot consider the reputation of TOEFL preparation classes by relying on what they have to say about themselves, instead go by what others have to say about them. It is better to rely on actual statistics and in this case their track record. You can ask around about their reputation and track record from students who have been to their institutes. Students are brutally honest about these things and they will not spare on criticism if they have had a bad experience at a particular TOEFL preparation class. Mostly the popular TOEFL preparation classes have a good track record to fall back on. However, if you are considering a not-so-popular class be sure to check their past records.

  2. The Cost Factor: It is of no use spending a fortune on the TOEFL preparation classes since TOEFL is just a means to a good college education. You also need to save up for college, hence, don't enroll in classes who charge an exorbitant sum for their services since they probably are out there to fool you. Moreover, high cost doesn't necessarily ensure quality learning.

  3. Strategies and Techniques: It is always advisable to attend a few mock sessions of TOEFL preparation classes before you decide on which class you want to take up. By doing this you will be able to familiarize yourself with their strategies and techniques of teaching and whether those techniques are congenial for you.

  4. Mode of Instruction: Be clear about the kind of TOEFL class you want to enroll for. If you are looking at online classes then be sure you are motivated to study by yourself every single day. If you are not a very motivated person, then it is better to indulge in a classroom-like session. In any case, decide the mode of instruction beforehand.

Review of TOEFL Preparation Classes

  1. The Princeton Review: This is one of the most famous classes for most of the competitive examinations of English. The Princeton Review offers a variety of courses for TOEFL. They claim to have prep solutions for all students with any kinds of budgets. They offer personal tutoring for TOEFL which is overseen by very experienced instructors. The Princeton Review website also provides a lot of current information about the TOEFL exam. You can visit the website here:

  2. Kaplan: Kaplan is one of the oldest test-prep classes in the world. It is famous not only for TOEFL but for other similar tests too. Kaplan is very innovative with test-taking strategies. They take up individual clients and customize the TOEFL classes according to their needs. They promise results and actually deliver what they promise. They also offer TOEFL simulation courses, personalized structured study for TOEFL and Academic English classes, since TOEFL is essentially a test for English. Their lessons are almost 45 minutes in length and they offer variety of classes for TOEFL, right from online and live to personal tutoring and classroom sessions. To get more information, visit their official website here:

  3. Jamboree India: You will find specialized TOEFL training at Jamboree India. The total duration of the course is one month. The classes are held twice a week and each class is for around three hours. They cover all aspects of the TOEFL test so the student doesn't require any other materials to prepare for the test. The batches for TOEFL are held at regular intervals and are meant to cover the four main sections of TOEFL; reading, listening, writing and speaking. Jamboree India is also equipped with a very good library facility that is accessible by the students. This is the link to their website:

It is advisable that students use the tips that are offered in the beginning of this article to choose the best from the available TOEFL preparation classes.

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