TOEFL Preparation Class

Benefits of Enrolling In a TOEFL Preparation Class

TOEFL Prep Classes:

TOEFL is a test of your proficiency in English language. The TOEFL scores are used by different organizations and institutions as a measure of your ability to converse in English without any trouble. Hence, it is important that you prepare well for TOEFL to get a high score. A TOEFL preparation class enables you with expertise and qualities to score high in TOEFL. They explain to you the content and structure of the test. A TOEFL preparation class offers you seasoned TOEFL tutors and teachers, who guide you smoothly through the preparation process. In addition, you can opt to solve several practice tests that will make you more confident to take TOEFL.

Importance of Prep Classes:

It is important to jot down the benefits you get from a TOEFL preparation class in the following bullets:

  • Real Competition: The foremost importance of TOEFL prep courses is the real-life competition you will face from your fellow students. As the prep courses are classroom courses with an average class capacity of four-five, you can experience the actual competition that is present in taking TOEFL.

  • Comprehensive:A TOEFL preparation class is responsible to provide you with comprehensive course materials. You will get detailed discussion of each TOEFL section and ample practice tests to solve during the course.

  • Skilled Tutors:This is one of the most prominent features of the TOEFL prep courses. You will study for TOEFL under the guidance of efficient TOEFL teachers who can channelize your dedication on to the right path.

  • Guarantee: Most prep courses for TOEFL come with the guarantee of enabling you to score high. Otherwise the prep courses generally pay back the full or a part of the course fee to the concerned test taker.

  • Increasing Ability and Eliminating Weaknesses: The prep courses for TOEFL most definitely display your good and bad skills. In the prep courses for TOEFL, you can develop your skills and techniques of test taking while overcome your weaknesses too.

The above-mentioned points state the importance of a TOEFL preparation class.Certainly, there is a higher value of TOEFL prep courses. In the following headings, we have discussed some of the most popular prep courses for TOEFL.

Manhattan Review TOEFL Prep:

The Manhattan Review assures its members to assist them in reaching their aims and goals by taking TOEFL. A major chunk of its students score near the 90th percentile in TOEFL. It has a reputation of securing the target school/organization its students. Its teaching faculty includes tutors from the field of IVY League School PhDs, 99th percentile scorers and Industry analyst. You can opt for either crash courses, full time courses or part time courses. The maximum class size is 15 while on an average a class contains 6-8 students. The TOEFL preparation class of Manhattan Review also comes with advanced technological classroom equipments. Go to for joining or knowing more about these classes.


The total classroom course at Kaplan is for 28 hours with an addition of two practice tests. A 70 year old organization that Kaplan is, it provides its students with expert TOEFL tutors. Due to its experience in the field of TOEFL guidance, it has earned the reputation of being a leader in the domain of TOEFL preparation. In Kaplan you can get computer-adaptive studying lab, an adaptable feature of swap-classes, aboriginal English speaking teachers for speech improvement and globally recognized teaching faculty. The Kaplan TOEFL prep course also provides a money-back guarantee in case you do not achieve your desired results. You can become a member of Kaplan prep course by going to

The Princeton Review TOEFL Prep:

Another major prep course for TOEFL is the premier institute of the Princeton Review. You are provided with a customized TOEFL preparation class that is flexible and favourable in nature. You will acquire especial attention and instruction of the prep tutors and will have a promising TOEFL result. The tutors here define the TOEFL test sections and question types in detail. The Princeton Review provides you with ample test questions and practice tests which fortify your test-taking skills.

ICON+ TOEFL Preparation Course:

The ICON+ offers you yet another TOEFL prep course for helping you score high. Popular organizations and institutions suggest test-takers to enrol for ICON+ TOEFL Prep Course. You can choose from among four different types of prep courses that are provided by ICON+. The courses include full TOEFL prep, Focussed TOEFL Prep, Online TOEFL Prep Program and Private TOEFL Training Program. Go to to enrol yourself in ICON+.

Remember that a TOEFL Preparation class only teaches you about the exam shows your faults and virtues of test taking and tries to fill up your loopholes. However, the major contribution towards the TOEFL score has to originate from you. It is your practice and dedication that makes all the difference.

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