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Alternatives to TOEFL Preparation Courses

Though online TOEFL preparation courses are helpful for preparation for TOEFL, these courses may not be able to provide the personal guidance that can be provided by an experienced teacher in an institute. The option of an online course may however be helpful if it is not possible for you to attend regular TOEFL preparation course due to lack of facility or lack of time.

A good online TOEFL preparation course should be a complete guide to TOEFL. An online TOEFL preparation course should provide tutorials, practice tests for all skills and complete practice tests. Actually the expectations remain the same but limitations of an online TOEFL preparation course are much more. Other than the expectations discussed above, it should have an interactive system where it should be able to identify your weaknesses and give you feedback to improve upon them. A procedure for online checking of pronunciation and the listening skills should be devised. The practice tests will give you the experience of the real iBT tests since they are being conducted online.

Alternatively a good TOEFL preparation course can be in the form of a book accompanied by CDs. There are books in the market that provide you complete preparatory course for the exams. These books are not only accompanied by CDs with sample questions, answer keys and practice tests, they also have audio CDs to help you with listening and speaking sections. The drawback of such courses is that you can not interact with your teacher and get the feedback on your performance which is possible in the above two formats. Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL(R) Test: Next Generation (iBT) (Paperback) and Kaplan TOEFL iBT with CD-ROM 2008-2009 (Paperback) are two such books. There are numerous such books in the market.

Finally, it is not the type of TOEFL preparation course that will get you a high score in TOEFL but your own hard work and sincerity that will help you score high in the test. However a good TOEFL preparation course will be helpful to organize your studies to achieve your goal.

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