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TOEFL Prep Guide

Though there are two different formats for the exam, iBT has replaced PBT in most parts of the world and we will limit our discussion to iBT only. A TOEFL prep guide helps you to be familiar with both these formats. TOEFL prep guide makes sure that the student is capable of answering the questions asked in the test. That is why, a TOEFL prep guide helps in making students understand the pattern of the test, the content asked in different sections, number and types of questions etc. A TOEFL prep guide also makes students practice for the test through practice tests. Since TOEFL is a test of English language, the TOEFL prep guide makes sure that you are comfortable with all the aspects of the language. The four sections of iBT have different types of questions but there is considerable level of overlap in the four sections. Let us discuss each of them in detail.

Reading. This section would test your command over English language. TOEFL Prep for this section would include as much reading of the prescribed books as you can do and a good reading habit would surely help. While reading a given passage you should divide it into small parts and then individually analyze the meaning of the paragraphs as it will help you to interpret better. Also reading practice would enhance your word power that is the right usage of words. A good reading practice should also include emphasis on the vocabulary as the meaning of the word should be clear.

Listening This section is divided into two parts and in each part you are supposed to listen to the passages and then answer the questions related to the passages. A good way to improve your listening capability is to practice listening. This can be done by listening to tutorials in English, TV programs, conversations with friends or attending academic classes in English. A good vocabulary as in the reading section is important here also.

Writing This section requires knowledge about topics of general nature along with the ability to convert your thoughts and emotions into words clearly and accurately. A good reading habit of the general topics will be helpful. You should try to read arguments both in favor and against the topic. It will be useful if you practice writing essays about the topics you have heard or read.

Speaking Preparation for this section requires developing your speaking skills. Therefore for this section you have to lay emphasis on clear pronunciation of words. This can be achieved by constant practice. You should find such opportunities where you can practice speaking in English, especially with people from English speaking countries. This section would also require some knowledge about familiar topics and campus situations.

The ultimate aim of TOEFL prep is to get a high score in TOEFL. And here comes our third part of the preparation which is to practice. You should take practice tests at regular intervals and use the feedback from these tests to improve upon your weaknesses. The more you practice the better prepared you will be for the final test. There are a large number of web sites which provide online tests for practice. Also the CDs provided along with various books also have sample practice tests. Such a CD also has the answer keys which can be used to get your score in the practice test.

ETS web site has lots of reference books for each of these sections. If you practice from the study material provided through the official ETS web site, it can provide you with the experience of the real test which will be helpful during the exam. There can be nothing better than the official guide to the test. A planned and rigorous TOEFL prep will certainly help you to get a good score in TOEFL.

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