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Before TOEFL Practice Tests

The plan for TOEFL practice tests should be made in advance. Although, it is important that you take sufficient number of TOEFL Practice tests, too many of them may prove to be wastage of time and energy. Therefore the right balance is important. We should not mix TOEFL practice tests with normal practice of questions. TOEFL practice tests should be timed and continuous tests in circumstances similar to TOEFL. The preparation for the TOEFL practice tests should be done in advance so that nobody disturbs you during the test. If you are taking the test online then you should tie up with the conducting authority well in advance.

During TOEFL Practice Tests

You should take the test without any unscheduled breaks. You may wish to take the test section wise or in totality. It is suggested that though practice may be done section wise, the TOEFL practice tests should be complete. Supervision by a friend may prove to be helpful. No external help should be used during TOEFL practice tests This will help in getting the actual assessment of your knowledge.

After TOEFL Practice Tests

TOEFL practice tests should be checked based on the answer keys. If you are taking the test online or using a software, the score will be intimated to you. The score will tell you about your present level of preparation. You must make note of the mistakes you make during TOEFL practice tests and use them as feedback to improve upon them so that you do not repeat them in the real exam. As mentioned before, it is the study to remove the weaknesses based on the feedback that will be the key to a high score in TOEFL.

TOEFL practice tests will prepare you well for the exam if you follow them with full dedication. These tests will improve your understanding of the format of the exam and directions for the exam and thus will save a lot of time during the final exam. It does not matter how many TOEFL practice tests you undertake but what matters is how many lessons you derive from it. You should master the technique of giving the correct answers in minimum time during the exam.

TOEFL practice tests are not just to improve your knowledge about English language. They will also help you to have a proper time plan for your exam. Constant TOEFL practice test will also familiarize you with the format and the directions for the various sections and the types of questions. Regular TOEFL practice will make you develop your own techniques to answer certain types of questions. Some of the web sites on the internet also provide you with such techniques for TOEFL practice which will also be helpful for you to save time during the exam.

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