Practice makes a man perfect. TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is a tough exam and there are no shortcuts to do well in this exam. Along with a thorough knowledge of the subject, it is good TOEFL Practice that will help you to secure a high TOEFL score and get admission in the college or university of your choice. If you are planning to join any institute or college where TOEFL score is a basic criterion and you also wish to prepare well for that exam, you will have to practice hard for the exam. The aim of TOEFL Practice should be to constantly assess your present level of preparation and weaknesses and use the feedback from these practices to improve upon those weaknesses.


Good planning is essential for the preparation of TOEFL exam and TOEFL Practice is an important part of this preparation. A plan for rigorous practice would cater for adequate time for the practice, selecting the right book and choosing the suitable practice tests. A good plan is as good as its execution. It is equally important to carryout the practice as is to make the plan for it.

Time Plan for TOEFL Practice

The obvious questions related to the time plan for TOEFL Practice are when you should practice and how much you should practice. It is difficult to specify the time required for practice for the test. The time required for TOEFL Practice will depend on your present level of preparation and knowledge. It may vary from one person to another. However we can say one thing with surety that the more you practice, the more are the chances to improve your score. An average person should take three to four months to practice for the exam. During this time you should not only practice for the exam but also accustom yourself with the format of the exam and study hard. These three things are the known keys to success.

Format of the exam

The TOEFL Practice you plan to undertake will depend on the format of the exam you wish to undertake. Presently there are two formats of the exam which are conducted by ETS, IBT or Internet Based Test and PBT or Paper Based Test. iBT, which is the latest format, may not be available in all the test centers. So it is important that you find out about the test center where it is possible for you to take the test in the format of your choice. This decision should be taken at the earliest, as your preparation and practice will depend on the format of the exam.

TOEFL Books and Practice Tests

If you wish to appear for TOEFL you should make yourself aware of the syllabus and the books. A good book or tutorials will be helpful for your preparation of TOEFL The market is flooded with large numbers of books for improving English language. There are also books which have been published for students appearing for TOEFL in particular. You should lay special emphasis on selection of a good book. The book should be printed by a good publisher. It should have a sufficient number of sample questions and practice tests. There are a few official guide books published by ETS. These books contain sufficient practice tests which are useful for TOEFL Practice. ETS also provides online tests and samples questions for TOEFL Practice. A large number of web sites on the internet have posted online tutorials and practice tests which can help you to study for TOEFL and carryout a good TOEFL Practice You can do TOEFL Practice alone at home, in a coaching center or in a group with friends.

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