TOEFL Powerprep

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is to be taken by the candidates belonging to countries where English is not a native language if they wish to study in an English-speaking nation. It is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). In order to ensure support for all its test takers, the ETS is providing all the test takers with preparation services of different kinds. ETS publishes TOEFL practice books that consist of previous questions. Solving the problems given in these books will help you get an idea on the type of questions that you might encounter in the TOEFL test. Further, you can also avail free practice questions that are made available for you to download on the official website of TOEFL. The TOEFL powerprep softwareis one such preparation source which will help you become competent from the exam point of view.

What is the TOEFL Powerprep Software?

TOEFL powerprep is computer software that needs to be installed in your personal computer and only then can it be used for your practice. The TOEFL is being administered as an Internet-Based Test (iBT) since the year 2005. Since its administration, many of the test centers throughout the world have adapted to it. Due to this reason, majority of the TOEFL test takers attempt the TOEFL online. However, the TOEFL paper-based test is still in force in the areas where internet facilities are not adequate. Moreover, the test content is not the same for the TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL paper-based test.

Where to Find TOEFL Powerprep Software?

To provide preparation support for the students who take the TOEFL iBT, the ETS has introduced the TOEFL powerprep software, the latest version of which you can purchase online. If you feel that the TOEFL powerprep software is a bit over your budget, then you can go for downloading an older version in order to get an idea of how TOEFL really looks like. There are many websites online that provide you the downloadable file of an older version of the TOEFL powerprep software. However, it is advised that you buy the latest version of the software because the free older versions may or may not work properly.

Review of TOEFL Powerprep Software

TOEFL powerprep softwareisaninnovative and a full-fledged guide to understanding the TOEFL iBT in the best possible way. The TOEFL powerprep softwareis equipped with two full-length TOEFL tests that are timed and consist of authentic questions from the official administrators of the test. You also get access to four separate tutorials that guide you on how to attempt each section with finesse. Moreover, there are three sample essay topics for your writing practiceandoriginal essay responses that will help you understand the score evaluation for the Writing section of the TOEFL.

You can refer to the instructions for installing and using the powerprep software on the official ETS website. Refer to the following link of the official website:

The TOEFL powerprep software is monumentally helpful for you in giving you a real-time and practical TOEFL exam experience. Using this software for your preparation, you can undergo simulated test sessions that are true replicas of the actual TOEFL test. After taking the full-length test, your score in the test will be reported. You can also receive a score for the writing sample essays on the scale of 0-5, which helps you assess your writing skills. For the Listening section, you can precisely understand the speed at which the conservations and the speeches are delivered thereby helping you to be prepared for the real test. Therefore, the powerprep software for TOEFL is the realistic practice version of the TOEFL that can provide you with a good first-hand experience of the test.

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