TOEFL determines the students efficiency to use and understand the English that is used at college level. It is the basic requirement for admission into the colleges and universities in America. The validity of the TOEFL score is for two years and after that it is deleted from the database.

TOEFL is conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS). In addition to the educational institutions, a number of government recognized companies, agencies and scholarship programs also demand that the non native English speaking person should demonstrate his skills to read, write, listen and speak English at the time of applying for a job. Therefore TOEFL is an essential requirement that these institutions demand.

TOEFL online is one of the best mediums through which the candidate can gain the required information that is needed to sit for the TOEFL test and get a good score.


Other than mail, fax or the walk in option, the student can opt for TOEFL online registration. The TOEFL online registration is open for 24 hours and the student can get himself registered for the TOEFL test anytime and on any day of the week. The payment for the TOEFL online registration has to be made through credit or debit cards.

Once the TOEFL online registration procedure is completed and the form is submitted to the concerned authorities, the student will receive a TOEFL online registration confirmation mail. The TOEFL online registration option is best suited for that student who is residing in a place that is far off from the walk in TOEFL registration center.


With the help of TOEFL online test review, the student can get an overall view of the TOEFL test. The TOEFL online test review is basically of thirty days. The student by attending the TOEFL online test review can improve his scores. There is a fixed schedule that is followed in the TOEFL online test review course. The student, by attending this TOEFL online session, can get knowledge of the skills that are required to clear the TOEFL test. The TOEFL skills are conveyed through lectures, online exercises, by appearing for the practice tests and by getting timely feedback based on his performance from the online guide. The student who has registered for the TOEFL online test review must attend this course for at least three hours every day.

The main objective of this course is to get familiar with the TOEFL test and learn the test solving strategies. The TOEFL online test review is able to easily differentiate between the iBT and PBT tests and gives detailed description about all the four sections. The TOEFL online test review makes the student concentrate on the main points only and hence improve upon his time management skills. It provides the student with TOEFL test material on every day basis. The students basic knowledge of English is strengthened.

The TOEFL online listening review course can be taken up for a period of one week and helps the student in overcoming his weaknesses. The student who is attending the TOEFL online course for the listening section is provided with all types of basic instructions related to listening along with many useful tips.

In the same manner the TOEFL online reading test review can be taken up for a time period of one week and the study material is divided into seven units. This TOEFL online course is best suited for a student who has been out of touch with academic reading for a long time and is weak in the reading section of the TOEFL test. The student attending the TOEFL online test review course is provided with an ample amount of reading materials for practice.

The student who wants to get instructions related to TOEFL writing section can attend the TOEFL online writing test review course. The student is supplied with a number of useful tips and strategies as to how to write essays. The practice test that is given to the student is then thoroughly scored and the student is provided with feedback. The TOEFL online writing test review course gives the student an overview of the various styles of writing that can be developed in order to get a good score.


The detailed description of the score can be obtained online. The TOEFL online scores are given separately i.e. there is a separate score description of the Internet based test and a separate description of the paper based test. The Internet based score is rated on a scale of 0 to 120 points, whereas the paper based test score can range from 310 to 677 points.

The student can register for the online test score, but for that he will have to pay a certain amount as registration fee.

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