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Toefl Official Guide - a Review

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) is responsible for conducting TOEFL. ETS publishes many documents which provide detailed information about the TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL PBT. eTS also publishes prep materials for the TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT. The TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL PBT test-takers should primarily rely on the TOEFL official guide for up-to-date and genuine information. All the vital documents that provide information about the TOEFL are freely available on ETS's website for download. However, all the TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT prep materials are not available free of cost. The TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL PBT prep materials that are not available free of cost can be purchased

TOEFL Bulletins

TOEFL test-takers must read the current test bulletin if they have decided to register for TOEFL. Note that there are separate bulletins for the TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL PBT. The current TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL PBT bulletins are valid until June, 2012. TOEFL iBT bulletin is not available in print medium currently. TOEFL PBT bulletin is available in print medium. ETS has published the TOEFL iBT bulletin in the text format for the screen reader users. The TOEFL iBT bulletin which is in the text format does not contain registration forms.

The TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL PBT bulletins vary slightly though they contain similar content. Payment policies, registration methods, and form-filling procedure differ between the TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL PBT. Hence, select the appropriate bulletin. The following information will be available in the TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL PBT bulletins:

  • Registration Related Information

    Test-takers learn about registration methods, registration deadlines, cancelling and rescheduling test, fee details, fee payment methods and policies, fee refund policy etc.

  • Test Related Information

    Test-takers get brief information about TOEFL, brief information about official prep materials, guidelines to be followed on the test day, TOEFL test codes, test dates, test locations etc.

  • Scoring Related Information

    Test-takers get information about Score reporting, score analyzing, cancelling score, obtaining additional score report, submitting request for rescoring etc.

  • Forms

    Test-takers get all the required forms in the TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL PBT bulletins. Test-takers with disabilities and health-related needs should obtain the bulletin supplement for the additional forms for requesting special arrangements.

    For downloading the current TOEFL iBT and the TOEFL PBT bulletins, visit the following URL:

Official Guide to TOEFL

ETS provides the Official Guide TOEFL to the TOEFL iBT. For the TOEFL PBT, a detailed guide is not available. Some of the content that is included in the TOEFL Official Guide is freely available on the official website ( It provides many tips for test-takers. It discusses the structure and the pattern of the TOEFL iBT. It describes various types of questions that appear on the all the four sections of the test. Examples are given for each question type. The Official Guide TOEFL also has well-organized step by step guide for TOEFL iBT preparation. Tips provided in the guide for improving reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills are useful. The guide explains the scoring related information very well.

There are many benefits of purchasing the ETS's TOEFL Official Guide which is now in its third edition. The paid version of the TOEFL official guide emphasizes on practicing along with providing comprehensive details about the TOEFL iBT. In every section, practice material is available. Also, the book comes with a CDROM which contains two practice tests. The questions that are given in those practice tests are taken from real TOEFL iBT tests. The book is available in both print and electronic formats. Buyers of the TOEFL official guide can download practice tests from the publisher's website. Visit this URL for information about the book or for purchasing the book:

The TOEFL PBT is not discussed comprehensively in the TOEFL Official Guide. However, ETS provides some sample questions for the TOEFL PBT. Visit this URL to read that page:

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