TOEFL Preparation Options in NYC

Online courses are the most easily available options for any student while preparing for TOEFL, anywhere in the world. Apart from those courses every locality has its own resources to help students to prepare for the test. New York City (NYC) is one of the most popular cities of the United States and houses students from many of its esteemed schools and universities. Many higher-intermediate and advanced level students apply from NYC to take TOEFL to test their English language abilities. Due to such high demand, TOEFL NYC prep options are many. Let's take a look at the details of a few of them:

  1. The Manhattan Review Company:

    With its headquarters in NYC, the Manhattan Review Company is an excellent choice for preparation of TOEFL at NYC. The courses by Manhattan Review include:

    • Online classes.
    • Classroom courses.
    • Personal tutoring.
    • A combination of classroom and live-online courses.

    Most classes by the Company can be customised by the students. The use of latest technology and infrastructure makes the courses very interesting and sought after. Owing to the fact that TOEFL is now primarily an Internet-based test, the Company provides its students practice for TOEFL that simulates the actual test.

    The Company's syllabus for TOEFL NYC and TOEFL prep worldwide includes:

    • Section-wise detailed sample tests along with wordlists to build vocabulary.

    • The courses also focus on grammar and punctuation which are of paramount importance for success in TOEFL.

    Manhattan Review does not treat the courses as an entrance prep for universities but as degree courses to master the English language. If you are from NYC and are aiming to ace the TOEFL, Manhattan Review is a good choice for your preparatory needs. Manhattan Review NYC can be contacted through email at For other details, students can visit their website

  2. Rennert:

    The Rennert International is a multifaceted language school. The school is famous in New York City for its art and language courses. The course structure by Rennert for TOEFL NYC is very crisp. Its details are:

    • The course does not allow admission to more than 10 students in one class at any given point in time.

    • The classes are conducted weekly and the students are required to study for four hours daily.

    • This time is inclusive of the time for learning as well as for rigorous practice; therefore, the students have to be disciplined with their schedules.

    • The students are given a certificate upon course completion and that makes the course very competitive and thus, successful.

    Rennert's TOEFL NYC course is very exhaustive and to better understand its tenets visit the link:

  3. The Kaplan Company:

    Kaplan is a test-prep company that is housed in many cities across the globe. The Kaplan school for TOEFL NYC accepts students coming from all walks of life The course registration is open on Mondays and the length of the courses range from 1 to 4 weeks, 5 to 12 weeks, 13 to 23 weeks, 24 weeks and above, and 32 weeks. The following are the details about the Kaplan TOEFL courses:

    • Every timeline has a different course structure attached with it and you should visit the given link to know the details of the various Kaplan TOEFL NYC courses.

    • The Kaplan TOEFL NYC courses are divided into seven categories and the students can choose any category and then enrol for it.

    • The company also provides hostel facilities to its students.

    • Kaplan's TOEFL NYC courses are inclusive of practice sessions and sample tests and provide insights into the test taking strategies.

    • NYC is just another centre for the classroom-based Kaplan courses but students can also take their online courses.

    To find out more about the company and the Kaplan TOEFL NYC course structure, visit the link:

The above-mentioned are the most common and popular TOEFL prep options in NYC. A candidate can be spoilt for choice in a city like New York when looking for TOEFL prep options. Therefore, he/she should opt for the course option that suits his/her budget and most importantly, his/her requirements the most.

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