TOEFL in Miami

TOEFL Preparation Options in Miami

Miami is a beach city in the state of Florida in the USA. It is one of the 'hot-spots' for tourists and students alike, which is why it is very densely populated. Being a tourist destination, English is the most preferred and common language used in the city. Due to a good number of reputed colleges in and around the city, TOEFL is a very popular test that is taken by many students wishing to study in Miami. A few options are discussed in the following points:

  1. The University of Miami

    The University of Miami has a division that caters to students who want to pursue higher education or international education. This is called the Division for Continuing and International Education and has quite a few programs and courses that are run for students from all walks of life. The courses under the University of Miami's continuing education program have the following features:

    • The courses that can be taken under the University of Miami are conducted over the weekends so that even those candidates who are working can attend the classes.
    • The total number of hours allotted for the courses is 24 which generally span through 6 classes or sessions.
    • The classes are held in the various facilities of the Division of Continuing and International Education of the University and the details can be procured by calling them at 305-284-4000. The details can also be found at the link:
    • The courses help students practice for all the sections of the test under stipulated timelines and therefore, help students prepare for the time crunch that occurs during the final test.
    • The courses cater to all the sections of the test and address the key issues associated with the test.
    • A good aspect of these courses is that they try and incorporate the actual test environment into their methods of instruction for the tests and, that leads to a very disciplined and crisp course structure.
    • These interactive courses also help in building the vocabulary of the candidates.
    • For a detailed overview of these courses, visit the link:
  2. Inlingua

    Be it for TOEFL, teaching English as a second (TESOL) or as a foreign (TEFL) language, Inlingua is the most renowned name one can find for language training. Inlingua is a school for language studies and has a variety of course offerings. Its Miami course has the following features:

    • The courses of TOEFL by Inlingua do not follow a one-size-fits-all regime. They are customised courses for students, who are at different levels of knowledge of the English language.
    • There are three primary levels of courses offered for the test by Inlingua and each can be personally customised by the students after discussions with their instructors.
    • Students can take a free test to assess their standing against the requirements of the test before they enrol for any one course.
    • The instruction in the courses is personalised as every student gets to interact independently with his/her tutor.
    • Students are required to take practice tests at every step of the course to understanding the scoring process of the test and also to assess their own strengths and weaknesses before going any further with the course.
    • The Miami courses by Inlingua are conducted across the city and their details can be procured from the link:
  3. The Rennert Language Courses

    The Rennert International is a multifaceted language school. For Miami, it has a couple of options. The options are; the Miami Language School and the Miami South Beach Language School. Both these language schools of Miami offer quite a few language courses and tutorials. For TOEFL, their basic course structure is as follows:

    • The courses are conducted for small groups only. They do not allow admission to more than 10 students in one class at any given point in time.
    • For Miami courses, classes are held on a weekly basis and are very exhaustive.
    • Four hours is allotted to the classes and that time is used for learning as well as for rigorous practice; therefore, the students have to be disciplined with their schedules.
    • The students are given a certificate upon course completion and that makes the course very competitive and thus, successful.

    To know more about Rennert's Miami courses visit the link:

    There are a few other options for the preparation of TOEFL in Miami. To know more about them, visit the following links:

The above-mentioned are the most common and popular test preparation options. Miami can be divided into different areas where TOEFL is conducted. These testing centres are in Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, Miami Shores and Miami. All these areas have ample options for the test preparation; however, students should look into their requirements, availability, and budget before enrolling for the preparation options in Miami.