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How Is Pearson Longman TOEFL Preparation Better than Others

The TOEFL test is a standardized English language test which screens a test taker's ability to communicate in the English language. The test is divided into four main parts. Each of the parts of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking screens a test taker for different skills. You must also bear in mind that in order to complete some tasks on the test you will need to apply complimentary skills. For example, in order to complete the tasks in the Listening part of the test you will need to listen, read the questions and answer them at the same time. This will require much practice so that you do not make a mistake on the test. Detailed information about the test sections is available on the official website at You should ensure that you carefully read the information available on the website as it will help you understand a lot of important details of the test.

There are a lot of test prep companies that provide coaching solutions to help test takers prepare for the test. Companies like Kaplan, The Princeton Review and Pearson Longman are the most reputed companies that provide excellent prep solutions. The TOEFL Longman prep course is one of the most fascinating courses offered because its contents will clearly tell you that it aims for you to learn "EVERYTHING" about the test. The best part about TOEFL Longman is that it offers you a wide array of courses that suit your preparation requirements. TOEFL Longman offers prep courses for total test prep, test taking strategies and tips, dedicated courses for targeted test prep as well as introductory courses. This article will explain how Pearson Longman TOEFL preparation is better than others. The information below is about the TOEFL Longman preparation course.

Salient Features of the Course

The TOEFL Longman Preparation Course: Second Edition is designed in such a manner that you be taught every aspect about the test by the end of the course. When you sign up for the TOEFL Longman prep course you will be provided with 2 student books with 2 CD-ROM's (one book will contain an answer key), Classroom Activities book, Lesson Planner book, an additional CD-ROM and audio CD's. You should ensure that you have all of this material as you will require it when using certain features of the TOEFL Longman course. All necessary information about the TOEFL Longman course is available at

About the Preparation Book

The new book is a collection of all the essential prep materials a student would require to study for the test. The TOEFL Longman Preparation Course: Second Edition contains updated material for new passages on the test. Each part of the test has a diagnostic pre-test so students can evaluate their skills before they begin to study for the test. The TOEFL Longman course also contains practice sections for each part of the test and eight mini-tests to ensure that test takers are properly prepared. It even has tests to see if the test taker has understood various test taking strategies that are in the book. The TOEFL Longman also provides 2 full length tests with evaluations for the test taker's answers.

About the CD-ROM

The new CD-ROM in the TOEFL Longman course has prep material that is totally different from that which is in the books. It is said to contain over 700 preparation items. It contains skill practice questions and strategies to take the test, eight mini-tests (approx 1.5 hours each), 2 full length tests (approx 3.5 hours each), and answers to skills practice questions with reports showing progress. The new "Send" feature on the CD-ROM lets you submit your responses to the writing and speaking parts electronically.

There is detailed information available about the TOEFL Longman preparation course at the website mentioned earlier in the article. You should make sure that you read and understand if you will need all this material to prepare for the test. Some of you may just require help in a particular part of the test. The best way to find out your abilities is by taking an initial self-evaluating test which will tell you where you stand. You can accordingly decide the course you need to pick to prepare for the test.

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