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The Best TOEFL Listening Samples

TOEFL is an examination that will test your proficiency in English in all possible ways. In order to fare well in this examination you will not only have to be able to read, write and speak in English, but also be able to understand instructions in English. The Listening section of TOEFL will test your skills in understanding and analyzing instructions in English. Students often founder in this section because they can't understand English spoken with an accent.

ETS tries to incorporate different speaking styles in the Listening section so that it can test your understanding of the spoken form of the language to the maximum. Thus, in order to fare well in this section you need to practice and to help you do so links to some TOEFL listening sample along with their reviews are given in the following section.

Some TOEFL Listening Samples

The Listening section of the examination will test your skills in understanding English spoken in an academic setting. So the audio clips that you will hear can range from classroom lectures, to conversations between students and teachers to casual conversations common to campus life. To get acquainted with such TOEFL listening sample click on the links below:


    This website follows the TOEFL format very closely. The TOEFL listening sample available in this website covers all topics that you will hear in an actual TOEFL. Moreover, if you follow this website then you can even familiarize yourself with the toolbar that helps you navigate through this section. If you are comfortable with using it you will not waste any time in trying to understand it during the test. The audio clips that you will find in this website can be downloaded or else you can listen to them online as well. The website also teaches you tips and strategies to do well in this section. Thus, if you require a website that provides complete help to prepare you for this section of the test then you should check this website out.


    This website too provides complete TOEFL preparation covering all sections of the examination. However, this is a paid website so you will have to enroll yourself before you can access their TOEFL listening sample. The best part of this website is that you can select the listening samples that you wish to buy. Enrolling does not require you to buy all the listening samples. The free TOEFL listening sample available on the website will give you an idea about the type of audio clips you will get from them. Thus, if you want authentic audio clips then you can check out this website.


    This website consists of one free TOEFL listening sample which is a lecture on the Olympic Games. However, if you want more audio clips then you will have to buy it from the website. This website too offers different tips and strategies to prepare you for TOEFL. The audio clips available in this website cover different types of topics from lectures to conversations among two people or group discussions. Thus, if you want a variety of audio clips then you should check out this website.

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    This website of Princeton Review comprises a TOEFL listening sample as an example of the samples that you will get if you enroll in their course. Since Princeton Review is an institute preparing candidates for TOEFL for nearly ten years, you can be assured that the listening samples and the tips and strategies they will teach you will be authentic ones. So if you want authentic TOEFL listening samples, as well as tried and tested tips and strategies that will help you succeed in TOEFL, then you could enroll in this website.

The afore-mentioned list will give you an idea of the types of TOEFL listening samples available in the market. The reviews provided will give you an idea of what each website offers. Based on that and your requirements, you can decide which website meets most of your requirements. Remember, this is ideal only for candidates who are preparing for the examination on their own. So if you are confident enough then follow a website and prepare for the examination.

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