TOEFL Listening Comprehension

What is TOEFL Listening Comprehension of the Paper Based TOEFL?

Are you aspiring to study abroad? If 'yes' aim for TOEFL! It measures your comprehension ability for written and spoken English. Besides, it enables you to take higher studies in an international location and increase your chances on being employed to one of the world-famous multinational companies. Moreover, you get the advantage of being acquainted with the working style, living standard and cultures of other countries that help you in adjusting yourself abroad after you have completed your education in an international institute. It also helps you in migrating to other countries by helping in getting the passport for a country where you have planned to settle down.

The test is administered by the Educational Testing Services (ETS). It has two testing formats. They are iBT and PBT of TOEFL. The iBT is an Internet-based test whereas; the PBT is a Paper-based test. The choice of a test format depends on a testing center. It also depends on you. If you are not comfortable working with a computer and Internet, you can prefer taking the PBT. It tests your abilities to use reading, writing and listening comprehension skills in English through its sections: the Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression and Test of Written English.

PBT and its TOEFL Listening Comprehension Section

The Listening Comprehension section measures your ability to comprehend spoken English. This is beneficial in such a way that unless you are able to understand the English language in a foreign accent, you might find it difficult to adjust in English speaking countries.

The Listening section is of 30 to 40 minutes duration and about 50 questions are asked in this section of the test. This test section:

  • Comprises both long and short conversations followed by multiple-choice questions.

  • Each question contains four answer options and assesses your memory and general comprehension skills.

  • You are not allowed to make notes of important points while you are listening to the recorded conversations. This instruction is obvious from the point of assessment of your memory.

  • The recorded conversations entail idioms and tough words that are not very common.

  • The questions are not repeated.

If you want to get detailed information about the types of questions that are asked in this test section, you can visit the webpage

How Do You Prepare for the TOEFL Listening Comprehension Test?

No doubt, books and online resources will help you in preparing for the listening test. Nevertheless, you should also follow some practical steps to improve your listening comprehension skills. These are:

  • Listen to news channels such as BBC news, read newspapers and web pages, and textbooks on a variety of topics.

  • Strengthen your vocabulary by reading newspapers, books, web pages etc. While you are going through the texts, note down difficult words and consult dictionary for their meanings and usage in sentences. Alongside, use these words while you are speaking to others in English. This will help you in memorizing the meanings of those words and also clear your concepts on their usage in sentences.

  • Make your own flash cards. Memorize at least five new words daily. On the next day, revise those words with their meanings and then learn five more words. Gradually, increase the number of words for memorizing daily.

  • Talk to your friends in English. This will help you in picking up different accents and learning new words.

  • Work on your grammar and learn usage of idioms in sentences.

  • Listen to recorded conversations in foreign languages. Watch foreign movies and listen to western music. This will help you in understanding foreign accent.

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Do not worry! Start preparing for the listening test using the above-mentioned tips. You will surely be able to prepare on your own. However, if you are aiming for a high score to gain admission to one of the best institutes in an international location, you can join a world famous test preparation organization to give an extra edge to your preparations.