TOEFL Institution Code

What is TOEFL Institution Code and How Can You Get the Codes?

TOEFL is a standardized English language test administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) for non-native English speakers. Since this test is managed, published and administered by the ETS, you will find every piece of information pertaining to the test on the official website of the ETS-TOEFL. You can refer to the following link for the official website:

TOEFL Prerequisites

Before applying for the test, it is very important that you know everything in detail regarding the test, the requirements and other test related information. You can either choose to register for the test online or you can register by mail or phone. If you register for the online test, all the details pertaining to the institutions, regional registration centers, department codes, country and region codes, native language codes will be available for you instantly. If you choose to register by mail or by phone, you must gather all such required information before-hand. One such important information that you must gather before-hand is the institution codes for TOEFL.

What is TOEFL Institution Code?

Any test taker takes the test with a view to study in a good university. Generally, we try to gather all the information pertaining to our dream university. We collect the information such as the ranking of the university, the faculty, infrastructure and facilities, academics, the quality of education, environment etc. In the same way, before applying for the test, you must know the  code of the particular university you wish to join.

This code is a unique four-digit numeric code that is assigned to all the participating institutes. By the participating institutes, we mean the institutes that accept TOEFL scores as part of their academic admission processes. It is a widely accepted test worldwide and the ETS claims that there are over 8500 institutions and agencies, both government and private, that accept the test scores. Therefore, for such a large database of institutions and their details, assigning a unique institution code is a process that helps both the students and the administrators in keeping the data organized and easy to remember. You will be required to fill in this unique code at the time of registering for the exam.

How Can You Get the Codes?

The list containing each of the exam scores accepting institutes with their unique code is made available for all the test takers on the official website. It is a downloadable file in PDF format. It is advised that you download the file and print it to have a quick glance at the code pertaining to the institution of your choice. You can refer to the following link to view the downloadable file that consists of all the details of all the institutes that accept the test scores; they are all listed with their unique code:

You must note one very important point that the featured institute list in the above file consists of the institutes that just accept the scores of the exam. You must not mistake them to be administering the test. The test centers are different from the institutes listed on the above page. ETS administers the test in over 4500 designated test centers located across 165 countries. Further, if you cannot find the institute of your choice in the above file, then you can directly call the institution in order to know that particular institution's TOEFL code provided that it accepts the test scores.

If you apply for graduate study, in additional to the institution code, you must also know the department code. The department code is a two digit unique numeric number assigned to all the different subjects of study. You can refer to the following link to find the department codes if you wish to apply for graduate course: