TOEFL iBT Registration

Pros and Cons of Different Means of TOEFL Registration

TOEFL iBT Registration:

The TOEFL is administered to evaluate your capability of correctly reading, speaking, listening and writing English language. The TOEFL iBT is conducted by the Education Testing Service for about 30 to 40 times a year in 4500 test centers in 165 countries. The TOEFL iBT registration can be done via Internet, by using a phone, by mailing your registration form to a particular address or by appearing in person at an authorized TOEFL iBT resource center. The iBT TOEFL costs around $160 to $250. In the following headings, we shall discuss the different modes of TOEFL iBT registration. We shall also shed light upon the relative advantages and disadvantages of the various modes of registration.

Online Registration:

The online TOEFL iBT registration is open daylong for the whole week. It closes just a week before the exam date. Late registration with a late fee of US$35 extends to three days before the day of testing. Be careful to enter your exact names and related details as given in your identification proof that you will have to bring on the test day. You can use your credit or debit card for payment. However, for specific countries like Kenya, Cote d'Ivoire, Togo and Nigeria, etc., payment by MasterCard, Discover, JCB and American Express are disallowed. Even electronic e-checks are allowed only if you have an account with an American bank. The other modes of payment include purchasing a registration voucher from the TOEFL iBT Resource Center or Voucher Reseller. Sign up for a free ETS account today and start your online TOEFL iBT registration at

Registration by Phone:

You need to provide your name and personal details exactly as available in your identification proof you shall carry on the test day. For TOEFL iBT registration over phone, you need to call at 1-800-468-6335 or 1-443-751-4862 within the US or the US territories. You can pay by using your credit or debit card like, VISA, MasterCard, American Express or JCB or by an e-check of an account in a bank within the US and its territories. The registration by phone closes a week before the day of testing and late registration closes at 5pm on the last business day before the test day. You need to pay US$35 for registering late. In case you are calling from any other location other that US and US territories, you should find out about your Regional Registration Center at

Registration by Mail:

You have to first download the registration form before registering by mail. Provide proper identification information in the registration form and select your desired payment method. You must post your form four weeks before the test day to the Regional Registration Center. In case you fail to receive a verification of your registration get in touch with the address to which you mailed your form. In such cases you must mail at least three days before the closing of registration. While registering via mail, do check for test center codes at and for downloading the form, you should click at

Register in Person:

You must note that there are no provisions for walk-in registration for TOEFL. However, in person TOEFL iBT registration is common at certain locations. You can simply buy the registration voucher with your native currency and submit your registration details at Regional Registration Center. The registration deadline is seven days before the day of testing and late registration extends to three days before the testing date. A late registration fee of US$35 is chargeable in such a situation.

Obvious Advantages and Disadvantages:

There are certain advantages and disadvantages for each TOEFL iBT registration methods. Let us discuss them systematically in the following:

  • Online Registration: The pros of online TOEFL registration are that it is a fast mode of registration. It does not involve papers and it is less tiring. You just need a computer and an Internet connection to register online. The cons are that you have to pay online. That can be dangerous as online hackers are always on the prowl to gain access to your bank details.

  • Registration by Phone: The pros for phone registration are that you get to interact with a live operator who will guide you through the entire registration process. You will not be misled. The cons are that it is a tiresome and tedious process. Moreover, phone calls are chargeable and hence create an extra expense.

  • Registration by Mail: Using this method you can relax and go through the entire registration form before applying. You will receive a confirmation mail within the registration deadline if you apply early. Also, there will be fewer chances of human errors in mail registration as you have total control of yourself while registering. The cons are that it is again time-consuming. There is also a chance of errors and delays in registration confirmation.

  • Registration in Person: You can have total control over your registration process, which is the only pro. The cons are that it is wearisome and eats away your precious time.

Hence, from the above discussions we get to know about several ways of TOEFL iBT registration. The pros and cons of each registration types are given along with the details on each registration types. After attaining all this knowledge, the final choice of registration is yours to make.

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