Preparation for TOEFL iBT

TOEFL iBT Preparation Tools

TOEFL is a language test and does not pertain to any set syllabus. Every student should follow a 'game plan' to tackle the process of iBT preparation. Everything that is written or said in the English language in a way, becomes part of your test syllabus. The following are just a few tips that you can adhere to so that such a vast and undefined syllabus becomes easier for you to tackle during your test preparation:

Tip# 1: Make an Information Log

At the outset of your preparation, prepare a personal information log from the information given in the website. Your personal information log becomes a reference point to help you cross-check details about the test while you are preparing for it. The log should include your test date, test centre and timings. Though you have been given these during your registration, it is better to check for changes, if any, that might have been made to them. Your information log should also include a list of the official books and preparation material available for preparation. Shortlist the list of materials before actual purchase, otherwise you might end up buying a lot of books which might not be useful for you. 

Tip# 2: Remember the Dos and Don'ts

You should make a note of, and remember, the dos and don'ts of the test mentioned in the website. The official website has an updated record of the test rules and you should be aware of them before you start preparing so that you are well aware of time limits, rules of writing, speaking etc.

Tip# 3: Solve Sample Tests

According to the note you have made on the rules and methods of answering the test, solve the sample tests and practice listening samples during your iBT preparation. Keep going back and forth to check whether you are correctly following the norms or not. Regular checking will make you sure of your techniques, and then you will be able to solve the test easily in the final run. It will be ideal if you can practice on the special keyboard that provides to answer the test.

Tip# 4: Involve Friends and Colleagues

There is no doubt that you have to practice English speaking and listening during preparation but, just till you take the test, if you can replace your general spoken language, with English, then the test will be a cake walk for you. You can request your friends, family and colleagues who know the language, to converse in English. They might also be able to mark your mistakes while you speak which is not possible if you are speaking alone. Listening to them will help you in attentive listening which is a prerequisite for the test. Speaking in public will also boost your confidence.

Tip# 5: Use English in Your Daily Life

If you wait till the day of the test to finally use what you have studied for TOEFL, then chances are that you might end up forgetting words and speaking without any confidence. Conversing in English not only prepares you for the Speaking section of the test but also helps to increase your vocabulary and confidence for the other sections. The iBT preparation is not an overnight activity therefore you have to make a change in your lifestyle for it.

Tip# 6: Write

Try writing in English as much as you can. Writing should not only be a part of your preparation time but, it should be done as a hobby before the test. Write letters and emails; write your diary, personal notes etc. in English, to hone your writing skills. The written material need not be elaborate; it should be grammatically correct and consistent.

Tip# 7: Read English as a Part of Your Daily Routine

Casual reading is sometimes enough preparation in itself. Make a note of all the novel aspects of the language while you are reading. For that matter, notes should be made while reading as well as while listening, speaking and writing in English. Browse through these notes during your revision time, just before taking the test.

Tip# 8: Take Help

After studying the audio samples, solving the test papers, and taking the sample tests, if you still feel that you are not adequately prepared then professional help is required for studying. This help can be sought from tutors, tutorials and coaching centres. The student should keep in mind his/her affordability and requirements before taking professional help. The source of help should also be legal and genuine thus, it is crucial to double-check to be sure before going ahead.

There are no strict rules to follow for iBT preparation. The above-mentioned are just a few tips and techniques that every candidate should and can customise so that he/she can make a befitting 'game plan' for the test.