Forums for toefl iBT Preparation Reviewed!

Internet has revolutionized the process of communication and information-sharing. There are various methods for sharing information and communicating using the internet. Discussion forums are the least-used and the least-explored sources on the web when compared to the other resources and methods that are available for communicating and information sharing.

How TOEFL Discussion Forums Work?

Primarily, TOEFL iBT forums on the internet enable people of shared interests to come together. They can share their views and ideas in a TOEFL iBT forum which may help others. Sometimes, TOEFL discussion forums propagate that information which will not be available on the mainstream web resources. Most of the TOEFL iBT forums allow users to view information without registering; but a user has to register if he or she wants to contribute or post something in a forum. Some TOEFL iBT forums are operated systematically and they ask members to follow certain rules and guidelines. If a member violates the imposed rules and guidelines repeatedly, his or her membership might be terminated. Another feature of a good and systematically managed TOEFL iBT forum is moderating discussions. Senior or experienced members monitor discussions and members activities. Moderators ensure that forum's policy is properly followed.

TOEFL discussion forums are popular because of their question-answer format. A user can seek some specific information which is required for him or her by starting a new post. Other interested or informed users reply to that post. Discussion continues in this format until an issue is resolved or required information is sought.

Uses of TOEFL iBT Forums

Test-takers have to choose a good and systematically managed TOEFL iBT forum while they are preparing for the test. A good user of a TOEFL iBT forum is one who benefits from the forum, and one who is ready to contribute something to the forum. For example, a member may ask his or her fellow members to rate his or her essay. Somebody will rate his or her essay. In return, the rater may request to rate his or her essay as well. In that case, a user who had already got help should not neglect to help. If he or she is not able to help, it has to be indicated politely with appropriate reasons. A user may also indicate how he or she will be able to help alternatively. Following are some of the benefits of using a TOEFL iBT forum:

  • TOEFL test-takers share their personal experiences

  • TOEFL test-takers provide personal tips

  • You might get a chance to meet those test-takers who have scored high

  • Test-takers share self-prepared prep materials such as practice tests and practice exercises

  • You get different perspectives about TOEFL from different locations of the world through a TOEFL iBT forum

  • Test-takers can ask their fellow members to rate their tasks

  • Test-takers can clarify their doubts by asking questions

  • Test-takers can express their own opinions and views

Useful TOEFL Forums

The following four TOEFL forums are useful if you are preparing for the TOEFL. Their main focus is on the TOEFL iBT.

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