Essentials of TOEFL iBT Books

From self-study to joining a formal review program (online or classroom-based), there are different ways you can prepare yourself for TOEFL iBT. Whether you choose to go on your own or join a program, a good collection of TOEFL iBT books is a must - they can be your main study materials or can work as supplementary stuff. Here is a list of four popular TOEFL iBT books that you might not want to miss!

  1. The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test

    This is the only official TOEFL title created by ETS, the creators and developers of TOEFL iBT. The guide is designed to provide the test takers with a comprehensive coverage of the required topics for the four sections of the exam, practice materials, tests, tips and tricks, and strategies for taking the exam. The book is also available as a downloadable PDF file, with an executable file for practice tests.


    • Test questions and essay questions taken from previous question papers.

    • Two complete TOEFL tests, fully authentic in nature.

    • Explanation of scoring and measurement touchstones.

    • Comments from raters and test-takers.

    Why you should get a copy for yourself:

    • The book has a wonderful layout, which makes it quite easy to read and study.

    • Many find that the book is relatively cheaper as against many other TOEFL iBT books.

    • Published by ETS, this title is considered the most authentic and the most reliable source for TOEFL preparation.

  2. Kaplan TOEFL iBT

    Published by Kaplan, a big name in the exam prep industry, the Kaplan TOEFL iBT is a comprehensive title for TOEFL preparation. The fourth and latest edition of the book is also available as an e-book with a CD-ROM and an audio program (


    • Focused practice for all the sections of TOEFL iBT.

    • CD-ROM containing materials for listening practice (transcript of audios available in the book); and four practice tests.

    • Scoring tips for each section of the exam.

    • Study tips for advanced ESL learners.

    Why you should get a copy for yourself:

    • The book comes in different formats - offline and electronic and can be downloaded to your system.

    • This title is considered one of the competitively priced TOEFL iBT books.

    • The Kaplan advantages of experience, expertise, and authenticity are what the book brings along.

  3. Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test

    This title from Cambridge University Press is yet another prestigious one among all the TOEFL iBT books. The book is in its fourth and latest edition now. It comes along with an audio program containing materials for listening practice, and a CD of the book, which includes a few extra practice tests.


    • Hundreds of exercises, a variety of question types, and four practice tests. The CD includes three additional tests.

    • A diagnostic test so that you can assess and gauge your strengths.

    • Skill-building resources in various areas of communication like grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

    Why you should get a copy for yourself:

    • The book is competitively priced among other available TOEFL iBT books.

    • An integrated skill approach is used to make you familiar with and prepare well for the Internet-based version of TOEFL.

    • The book is designed and structured in such a way that you can use it for self-study or classroom instruction.

  4. Barron's TOEFL iBT

    The Barron's TOEFL iBT Test of English as a Foreign Language is a popular title for TOEFL iBT preparation. The book is now in its latest and 13th edition, which comes along with a CD-ROM version of the book, and two audio CDs with prompts for various sections of the test.


    • Seven TOEFL iBT tests with keys and explanations, question examples, and sample essays.

    • A review on academic skills required for the test and a general orientation provided by the author, Pamela Sharpe.

    • Language skills review on listening, speaking, writing, and reading.

    • The CD ROM version has all the seven tests in the book, plus a bonus TOEFL iBT test.

    • Automatic scoring for all tests.

    Why you should get a copy for yourself:

    • The orientation program and the reviews on topics are found quite useful by many test-takers.

    • As many other TOEFL iBT books, this one is available in many formats and is easier to access.

    • The book is competitively priced.

    • The content layout of the book and its diversity of subjects are appreciated by many test takers.

This list includes four of the best titles available for TOEFL preparation; these titles are recommended by many English experts, TOEFL teachers, and previous test-takers as well. However, it is unfair to say that studying with the help of these books alone can assure you a great TOEFL score or these are the only resources you need to check out. TOEFL is more about improving your overall English skills and you might need to refer to many more resources for the same.

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