5 Things to Know before You Select a TOEFL iBT Book

Books are essential for any exam preparation. Numerous books are available for TOEFL preparation. But an ideal TOEFL iBT book should satisfy certain conditions.

  • The book should be published by a good publication house.

  • The book should have good reviews.

  • The book should cover all the sections and question types of the TOEFL test.

  • The book should have many practice tests and explanations for all the answers.

  • The book should have a CD from which you can practice the listening sections.

Try to read the reviews of at least 4 or 5 books before you decide on a book for purchasing. Some of the very good TOEFL books are discussed here. Do not buy many books. This may create confusion in your mind as the approach given in each book, to different questions, may be different. Stick to one book or buy a maximum of 2 books. You can use the tests given in the different books for practice. This will help, as more practice makes you more familiar with the English language skills.

  1. The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test by ETS

    This TOEFL iBT book is from the makers of the TOEFL test itself. This book covers all the sections of the TOEFL with good explanations. It also tells you what is expected from the examinee for the Writing and Speaking sections. A CD-ROM is provided along with the book. This contains questions of the TOEFL iBT sections the way it is asked in the real test. General skill building tips and exam tips are also given in this book. It is priced at $18.

  2. Delta's Key to the Next Generation TOEFL Test: Six Practice Tests for the iBT

    This book comes with and without an audio CD. The book gives you a complete description of the section types and question types in TOEFL. As the name suggests there are 6 practice tests in this TOEFL iBT book. This book can be used as a primary source for your preparation. There are over 600 questions with the complete answer explanations. Charts to help you keep track of your scores and progress are also present. In the audio CD all the texts for the tests are pre-recorded. 6 compact disks with 6 hours of listening come along with the book. It is priced at $29.01

  3. Barron's TOEFL IBT : Internet based Test

    This manual contains 7 full-length TOEFL iBT tests. Explanations for all the answers are given including sample essays and speaking responses. A brief introduction to TOEFL and tips on how to go about the test is also given. Academic skills like note taking, paraphrasing, summarizing and analyzing are also explained. The CD-ROM that comes with this book contains the 7 tests in the book and another extra test paper. All eight tests give you a real TOEFL feeling when attempted and automatic scoring is also done. This is a must have TOEFL iBT book.

  4. Kaplan TOEFL CBT W/CD_ROM, Second Edition

    This TOEFL iBT book offers both a computer-based practice test experience and a thorough review of the materials. Strategies and tips to study for TOEFL and increase your scores are also given in this book. All the four sections are covered in this book. Hundreds of questions to help you practice are given in this book and these questions cover all the possible question types asked in the test. This will help you improve your English language skills. Effective ways to manage your time and reduce stress add value to this book. There are 3 full-length practice tests in the book.

    The CD-ROM that comes with this book has 2 full-length TOEFL practice tests with score analysis. Sample questions with detailed answer analysis are also a part of this CD.

    7 academic lectures and 78 conversations for the Listening section of the TOEFL test are also there in the CD. This is a very effective and useful book.

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