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4. TOEFL Test Guide Classes:

A number of colleges and universities conduct the TOEFL test guide classes. The student gets a chance to become familiar with the TOEFL test course. He is provided guidance related to the four sections of the test. The TOEFL test guide classes give the instructor an opportunity to check the student’s performance and academic eagerness of the non-native student in the English speaking class.

The student will be asked to go through short passages, listen to a recording and then give a response. The TOEFL test guide classes allow the student to brush up his academic skills. He gets an idea on how to analyze, synthesize and develop the skill to put the given material in the right order.

The TOEFL test guide classes are held two or three times in a week under the expert guidance of TOEFL subject experts. The student is made to understand, learn and compile together the necessary information. The TOEFL test guide classes also guide the student on how he can search for the relevant information that is necessary to attempt the listening and reading test. Similarly the student gets acquainted with the reading comprehension, which is comparatively different as that of the academic English. The TOEFL test guide classes do not conduct separate lessons on grammar; it is included within the four TOEFL test areas.

The student is guided on the skills that are required for writing an essay, which is of 30 minutes. The TOEFL test guide classes develop the language skills, which are necessary to attempt the speaking questions. It also trains the non-native English speaking student to converse in English. A number of interactive programs are conducted, so that the student gets a chance to meet the other students and interact with them. In the TOEFL test guide classes the instructors are physically present and guide the student whenever and wherever required.

Thus the TOEFL test guide provides all the necessary guidance to a student whose native language is not English. There are a number of audio CDs, cassettes, audio scripts that act as useful TOEFL guides. A student has a lot of options in terms of TOEFL test guide and he can make his choice depending on his requirements, monetary aspects, convenience, preparation required, time constraints etc.

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