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TOEFL is very popular around the world. Many people who want to study abroad should obtain high scores in the test. This is considered as an academic efficiency indicator. Obtaining high scores is not an easy job. You need reliable and genuine preparation materials. Before purchasing or paying for any preparation materials, we search the internet for the relevant information. Most of the times, internet proves to be a trustworthy companion. However, internet-searching does not always produce desired results. Hence, you have to trust the official preparation resources primarily. If you don't find any information in the official prep resources or you want to learn more about something which is not mentioned in the official resources, then you can search for the same. Day by day, internet is growing. It is difficult to decide which resources are authentic and which are not unless you are aware of the procedures to do so. Procedure of deciding the authenticity will be boring. Hence, go through the mentioned authentic download resources of TOEFL and use them diligently.

  1. Official Website

    While talking about the top 5 free download resources, the official website ( stays at the top position. The reason for this is that it is regularly updated and information available is authentic, reliable, and genuine. You can use the information available on the official website to evaluate the authenticity and genuineness of other websites.

    If you are preparing for the test, you may ask the following questions:

    • What is the structure and format of the test?
    • What types of questions will appear?
    • How scores will be calculated?
    • What are the available registration methods?
    • What are the payment policies?
    • What are the rules and regulations that need to be followed?

    You will find answers to all of these questions if you follow the given links to the pages of the official website.

    TOEFL free download sample questions:

    TOEFL free download tips:

    Introduction to TOEFL resources through flash video:

    TOEFL free download videos:

    Sample questions for PBT:

    TOEFL free download test bulletin:


    This website provides practice exercises for those students and teachers whose first language is not English. This website uses java. In order to use this website effectively, you have to enable java support on your computer. Visit Microsoft’s website for instructions. Access URL for this website:


    This website tells you about the test format, talks about the required skills and provides practice materials. It also has a forum for discussion where you can put your exam related questions. The website focuses on the iBT. Moreover, the website is credible because it is designed by test specialists. Access the website here:


    This website has very good articles about the test's preparation. Read those articles to gain vital tips to succeed in the test. The website covers both iBT and PBT. Note that some content on this website may be outdated; so be alert and carefully make your selection. Click this link to access the website:


    This website is regularly updated. You will learn about all the aspects of English: grammar, vocabulary, usage, and the recent developments in the English language. The website has quizzes and dedicated blogs for teachers and students. Another benefit of this website is you can listen as well as read most of the features. The website regularly presents features which focus on the specific areas of English: English used in business, English used in science, and English used in sports. There is a feature which is dedicated for answering listeners’ questions related to the English language. Answers will be provided by English-language experts. Link to home page: