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7 TOEFL Forums That Can Help You

What are the Functions of TOEFL Forums

A TOEFL forum presents personalized accounts of test-takers before or after taking the TOEFL exam. A TOEFL forum can be very useful especially if it contains detailed accounts of methods of preparation of the test by people in addition to their experiences. A TOEFL forum provides cues on reference materials that are used by people for preparation or TOEFL preparation classes and reviews of these classes that may also be shared at these forms. A TOEFL forum has it all especially since they are true accounts of the people and their experiences. TOEFL forums provide myriad discussions on academic matters as well as essential and timely advice on college admissions after taking the TOEFL exam.

TOEFL Forums Online

Let us look at some of the TOEFL forums that one can find online.

  1. This is a very popular TOEFL forum that we are going to look into. Apart from being updated regularly, this TOEFL forum has a lot of followers. is a project by the educational website, Testmagic. At you will find an unlimited amount of information regarding TOEFL test prep among other tests), college admissions etc. The best part about is that you don't need to register in order to ask a question. You can visit their website directly and ask a question or a query you may have on TOEFL test prep. Here is the link to their website:

  2. Prep for TOEFL: This is a forum exclusively for TOEFL. Although you may have to register in order to participate in the different threads of discussions, this may be beneficial for you since you will get personalized access to the threads. Secondly, once you register and feed in your email address you will be notified every time someone replies to your query. This way you will be kept in the loop and will be able to satiate your questions quickly. Here is the link to this TOEFL forum:

  3. I got Dinged: This is a highly informal TOEFL forum but effective nevertheless. It is a student community that is directed at solving and answering queries from students who are taking competitive exams. At IGD there are separate categories of services that they provide. Once you create a profile you will be assigned Resume Book, Artilog Book, Discussion Book, Friend Book and College Book to pen your thoughts. Here is the link to this forum:

  4. Dave's ESL Cafe: This TOEFL forum is meant for students and teachers. Both the discussion threads are different but they are present in this one site. There are various discussions on topics like: 6 most common mistakes in TOEFL preparation, anything wrong with your TOEFL books for preparation, activities/games for a TOEFL class etc. You have an option to begin your own thread or follow an existing one. Here is the link to this forum:

  5. RxPG: This TOEFL forum provides you with the information on the various updates and announcements for TOEFL apart from bringing together students from all around the world for TOEFL examination discussion. It is very useful since it provides the upcoming TOEFL dates, and registration dates, exam dates, changes in formats etc. Here is the link to this website:

  6. My English Club: Apart from providing solutions for examinations like TOEFL, this forum provides solutions for improving one's language skills. You will find a recent post on improving one's writing in the website and that is directly related to the Writing Section of TOEFL. This is only one of the many examples in this site. Here is the link to this website:

  7. This is an all-inclusive website for all kinds of examinations of English. They have ongoing discussions on the various tests for English and these discussions address important admission questions, questions on problems faced in each of the sections of TOEFL etc. Here is the link to their website:

Always refer to the main website of TOEFL if you have been informed of any changes in test patterns in TOEFL. However, referring to these TOEFL forums can be beneficial for you in many ways.

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