Fees Related with TOEFL

What Are the Costs Involved in Taking the TOEFL

Before you start registering for TOEFL ensure that you know all the monetary requirements of the examination. You should know not only about the cost of the examination but also the overhead costs. The fees that you pay during registration are only the examination fees. Other than that there are some extra charges that you will have to bear if you require some special facilities. Thus, the total fees that you will have to pay might be more than just the registration charge and it is discussed elaborately in the following section.

Understand Your TOEFL Fees (Registration)

There are two versions of TOEFL, viz, the iBT and the PBT. However, the registration cost for both the versions are same. The registration cost, which forms the most essential part of your exam fees, can range from $160 to $250. The registration fees are fixed based on the country from which you are appearing for the test. These fees do not include value added tax or sales tax so while calculating your exam fees you don't need to factor in any form of tax rate.

If you are late while registering for the test then you will have to pay a hefty late fine. Thus, a late fine of $35 now becomes a part of your exam fees! So while registering for the test, ensure that you have selected the date accordingly and check whether or not you have to pay late fine.

Sometimes even after registering for the examination you might want to reconsider the examination date. If you wish to do so then check the official website and reschedule your examination date. You will have to pay $60 for rescheduling of test date and now you can include this too in your fees. Other than the registration fees there are other overheads that can become a part of the fees and they are discussed in the following section.

Overhead TOEFL Fees (Non-registration)

Sometimes even after you have canceled your score you might want to restore it. Then too you will have to log into the website and ask ETS to restore your scores. The scores will be re-established for a payment of $20. This might be necessary if you have clicked on the 'cancel score' button after the examination, but later on you feel that your examination went quite well. Moreover, if you do so your reinstated score will be sent to the colleges or agencies that you had selected during the registration process.

Similarly if you want ETS to send your score to additional institutes or agencies (other than the 4 that you had selected while registering for the test) then you can do so by making a payment of $17 for each institute or agency. If you want additional report cards then too you will have to pay the same price for each score card. The price for additional score cards for both iBT and PBT versions of the test are same.

After receiving your score card you might not be satisfied with the score you have received. In such a scenario you can ask ETS to recheck your score. Here the price for rechecking your score will depend on the type of TOEFL that you have appeared for. In the iBT version only the Speaking and Writing sections can be rescored. If you have taken the iBT version of the test then rechecking cost will be as follows:

  • If you want any one of the section, i.e., Speaking or the Writing section to be rechecked then you will have to pay $60.
  • If you want both the sections, i.e., Speaking as well as the Writing sections to be rechecked then you will have to pay $120.

If you have appeared for the PBT version, then the price for rescoring your paper are as follows:

  • You can get your entire answer script rechecked by paying $25.
  • You can get your Test of Writing in English (TWE) essay rechecked by paying $50.

If you want more information regarding your exam fees and policies regarding payment of them, then click on the following link:


Thus, based on your requirements, your fees will increase accordingly. However, before you pay any money, analyze the pros and cons of it and then pay. The fees you pay will depend on the number of changes you make during and after the registration for the test. So ensure that the changes are necessary and then make the required payments.