How Much Do You Pay for TOEFL and Why

What Is Included in the Cost of TOEFL?

If you are planning to take the TOEFL, then it is better to know beforehand how much it will cost you. The cost of the test includes the TOEFL fee, fee for late registration or a change of registration, and the travel expenses you may incur in order to take the test. Apart from these direct costs, your expenses will include the cost you incur in preparing for the TOEFL, such as in taking a preparation course, getting personal tutoring or purchasing books.


The TOEFL fee includes the registration fee, which varies from one country to another, and ranges from US$ 160 to US$ 250. You can check the official website to find the exact TOEFL fee for the test center of your choice. The late registration fee is US$ 35 and a change of test date or center will cost you a fee of US$ 60. You can order extra score reports to be sent to institutions of your choice, at a rate of US$ 17 per institution. The fee for a returned check is US$ 20. These amounts do not include certain taxes, hence the actual amount you will have to pay may be more. You must make the full payment via one of the accepted modes, before your request for registration will be accepted.

Refund of TOEFL Fees:

You can get a partial refund of your TOEFL fee. If you wish to cancel your registration (after it has been accepted), you will have to do it at least three days prior to your test date. This excludes the day of the test and the day on which you make the request for cancellation. Such a request will entitle you to half the amount you had paid towards the registration fee. No other payment will be refunded.

Accepted Modes of Payment:

The TOEFL fee may be paid via credit or debit cards (check the latest information on the website for cards which are accepted). Paper and electronic checks are accepted under certain conditions. Registration vouchers are another accepted mode of payment.

Fee Reduction Service:

There are certain criteria that enable a high school senior to avail a TOEFL fee reduction service. This is for the benefit of students in the US who will otherwise be unable to afford the TOEFL fee. The benefit given is the reduction of the registration fee by half.

Cost of Preparation for TOEFL:

If you want to take a TOEFL prep course, the cost can vary. The price depends upon the location of the classes, the company that is conducting the classes, and whether you are opting for classroom sessions or for personal tutoring. In general, however, the cost of TOEFL prep courses begins at about US$ 700 for a four-week program.

You can prepare for TOEFL quite successfully by yourself with the help of books and study material from the internet. Books for TOEFL prep cost much less than TOEFL prep courses. There is plenty of good online study material that is available free of cost. You could also enlist the help of a friend who has taken the TOEFL, or your school teacher. This can be an effective but less expensive means of preparation. This is a link you can use for online TOEFL prep:

The cost of TOEFL is not just about the TOEFL fee. It includes many other things as well. You can reduce the total cost incurred by you, by opting for a TOEFL prep course of a short duration. It is better however, not to compromise on the quality of your preparation, by taking a course that is not good enough for your needs. You could reduce your expenditure by applying for a TOEFL fee reduction, if you can satisfy the eligibility criteria.

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