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TOEFL Exam Registration Deadlines

If you are thinking of attaining an international degree, qualifying TOEFL must be one of the top priorities for you. TOEFL is an exam that tests your proficiency in using English language, especially in academic contexts. While systematic planning and studying are called for cracking this evaluative exam, it is also important that you learn about the exam format, dates, TOEFL exam registration procedures, etc. well in advance and get yourself the date and location as per your preference.

When and Where to Register for TOEFL?

Developed and conducted by ETS, TOEFL is administered worldwide 30-40 times a year. There are near about 4500 TOEFL test locations across 165 countries. As per the Internet access facilities available at the test centers and locations, the TOEFL exam is conducted in either of the two formats - the popular internet-based test (TOEFL iBT) and the paper-based test (TOEFL PBT). Here are a few pointers to TOEFL exam registration:

  • TOEFL exam registration can be done online, by phone, or by mail. You can also buy registration vouchers or avail registration assistance at TOEFL iBT Resource Centers available locally. The list of available iBT Resource Centers can be accessed from the official TOEFL website:

  • Walk-in registration at test centers is not available.

  • Those with disabilities or special needs should register by mail only.

  • If you are registering for the exam in China, please check out: or

  • The Regular TOEFL exam registration deadline is seven days before the actual exam date (not inclusive of the test date). Late registration is accepted only up to three days before the exam date (not inclusive of the exam date) along with a late fee. If registering by phone, late registration is accepted one business day prior to the exam date. If registering by mail, the registration form should reach the TOEFL office four weeks prior to the exam date.

  • It is important that you check the available test centers at your preferred locations and the exam dates before your register. Based on the format and the availability of seats, you can register for TOEFL iBT or TOEFL PBT. A list of TOEFL iBT and PBT dates and test locations is available online at:

  • Early TOEFL exam registration is recommended so that you get a slot at your preferred date and location.

  • If required, you may cancel or reschedule a registered exam online or by phone, up to three days before the date of exam (excluding the exam date). Half of the fee amount will be refunded in case of cancelation; rescheduling will require you to pay an additional amount.

  • For more details on TOEFL exam registration, see the registration bulletins available online (

How to Register Online?

Online TOEFL exam registration is the easiest and the most popular way of registration these days. You can access the registration site from the official TOEFL website:

  • Online registrations are open 24x7.

  • Registration fee can be paid with a credit/debit card. E-checks can also be used, provided the account is within United States/territories of US. Registration vouchers available at TOEFL iBT Resource Centers or Voucher Resellers are another way of payment.

  • While registering, ensure that you spell your name correctly and as spelled in the ID document you provide.

  • A step-by-step guide to online registration is available at the TOEFL website (

How to Register by Mail and Phone?

If you choose to register by mail, you need to download, print out, and fill in the Registration Form available online (

  • After filling in your name and other details correctly, choose the mode of payment from the given options.

  • While registering by mail, you need to enter certain codes manually in the registration form, which can be accessed online (

  • Make sure that you have chosen two test locations, at least.

  • Send the form along with payment to the address given on the form.

  • Ensure that you receive confirmation from TOEFL, and upon not receiving a confirmation, get in touch with the location where you sent your form as early as possible. This should be done at least three business days before the TOEFL exam registration deadline.

  • You are generally allotted a test date and location as close to your preferences as possible; however, the availability of slots is also a factor to be considered.

If registering by phone, you need to go through and review the Registration Form accessible online. To complete the registration formalities, you need to call either of the two phone numbers available for US and Canada.

  • If you are from any other location, you need to call your Regional Registration Center; the list of regional centers is available online at:

  • While registering, ensure you give all correct details and spell your name correctly.

  • Payment can be made by e-check, credit/debit card, or registration vouchers.

  • For more information on TOEFL exam registration by phone or mail, you may refer to the relevant section on the official TOEFL website (

TOEFL is important, if you are looking for admission into academic programs in foreign countries. Though the exam is administered several times a year, early registrations are often recommended to secure a preferred date and location. Thus, understanding the TOEFL registration procedure and deadlines is very critical as it prompts you to act on time and increases your chances of getting a preferred slot for appearing in the exam.

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