How Does TOEFL Help You If English Is Your Second Language

TOEFL is an examination that tests your proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and understanding English. It is an examination that most candidates who wish to pursue graduation and post graduation in colleges and universities of North America, UK and Australia (but are not citizens of these countries) have to appear for in order to prove their skills with the language. TOEFL requirements of educational institutes are set by the admissions authorities of the schools you are applying to. TOEFL is often a pre requisite if you wish to study English as a second language.

TOEFL ESL is the ideal combination to prove your expertise in the language. Non-native English students wish to make English as a part of their curriculum in order to increase their job opportunities in primarily English speaking nations. TOEFL ESL both together are testimonials of your claim that you are an expert in English. The various features of TOEFL ESL are discussed in the following section.


Most candidates considering appearing for any international English language examination get confused as to what exactly TOEFL ESL is. In order to understand that you must first know the features and utility of ESL and they are as follows:

  • ESL or English as a Second Language is also known as EFL or English as Foreign Language. This is usually a program carried out by most schools to help non-native candidates get acquainted with the nuances of the language.

  • In such English language programs, the classes are usually small so that each candidate can get individual attention. This is necessary since you will be trying to get acquainted with a language as well as customs and culture of the country that you wish to work and live in.

  • ESL also helps in your preparation for TOEFL. If English was the medium of instruction or it was a part of your curriculum as a second language in your undergraduate years then preparing for TOEFL becomes easier. Since TOEFL will test your knowledge of English, answering TOEFL questions will become easier.

The last point in the afore-mentioned list shows how ESL helps in TOEFL preparation. Students often wonder whether TOEFL score is necessary for admission in colleges and universities if they have earlier studied English as a second language. Most colleges and universities require a TOEFL score to assess the student's proficiency in the language.

Moreover, if you wish to study ESL as a part of your curriculum in graduation or post graduation then, too, you will be required to appear for TOEFL. However, the score requirement will be different for different colleges and universities. However, TOEFL ESL is a preferred combination if you wish to pursue a career in an English speaking nation. Such a combination will make your prospective employer confident that you will be able to communicate as well as understand instructions in English very well.

TOEFL ESL are not synonymous but sometimes they are interdependent and their utilities are different too. In the following section the relation between these two programs are discussed.

How Are TOEFL ESL Co-related

TOEFL ESL are co-related but can exist on their own too. Candidates who do not fare well in the TOEFL are required to study ESL as a part of their curriculum. Most candidates reach the required proficiency in the language in one or two semesters. However, enrolling in an ESL program does not ensure your admission in that particular college. Even after attending an ESL program you might have to appear for TOEFL in order to get admission in a college or university.

TOEFL ESL is often a combination required by many universities of North America if you wish to pursue post graduation. Such a combination will assure the admissions' authorities that you will be able to relate to a primarily English speaking academic setting properly. However, before you apply in any college or university, ensure that you have gathered all the information regarding their admission requirements and then appear for TOEFL or enroll in an ESL program.

All universities or colleges have different TOEFL score requirements. If you do not get that score, sometimes institutes will give you provisionary admission and you will have to take up ESL as a part of your curriculum. You will then have to acquire the required level of proficiency to complete the admission process. Thus, TOEFL is a standalone examination but an ESL program is not. ESL can make your TOEFL preparation easier but a good TOEFL score is the only way you can prove your proficiency in the language.

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